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Price indicated is for informational purpose only. It is based on the data of the previous sales of the vehicles of corresponding year, make and model for the period of two months preceding the publication date at online auctions Copart and Iaai in the 48 continental states of the USA
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Turn-key service without the middleman

We will assist you in choosing the right vehicle at an auction in the US according to your preferences and budget. Our team will assess the condition and previous history of the vehicle, including running CarFax and AutoCheck reports.

We will prepare and provide you with detailed expense estimate based on the chosen auto before the purchase. Our simple and straightforward calculation eliminates any hidden fees or overcharges

Signing the contact ensures proper fulfillment of obligations throughout our cooperation. We deeply respect our partners and do our best to provide them with confidence in the outcome, as well as protection in case of force majeure

Bidding and buying at online auctions (Copart, Iaa, Manheim) on your behalf. Our well versed and experienced staff will help you purchase a vehicle at an advantageous price. Our goal is not only to help you buy a car, but to help you make the most beneficial purchase.

We encourage the payment to be made with a bank wire transfer which provides for better transparency of the transaction

Your vehicle will be shipped to Ukraine through one of the major shipping lines. We will arrange ground transportation from an auction site to a loading port terminal and provide photos of the vehicle before it is loaded into a container. With the help of the tracking system you will be able to monitor and know vehicle location at any time, up to it's arrival at a port in Ukraine.

We will unload your vehicle from the shipping container and handle all necessary paperwork at the port of arrival. Our customs brokers will prepare and submit the required documents on your behalf to pay taxes based on the actual cost, without excess fees and charges from the customs.The auto, keys and all proper document will be handed to the owner at the exit from the port terminal. You are now a rightful and, most important, happy owner of a car from the US for which you paid 20-40% less its market value in Ukraine.

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Advantages and features of buying a car from the United States turnkey

The secondary automobile market in the USA arouses stable interest and attracts more and more potential buyers, including from Ukraine. The reliability of insurance information and the functioning of car auctions allow you to become the owner of a reliable, comfortable car with minimal mileage and at the most affordable price. Speaking about the purchase and customs clearance of a car from the USA, the following advantages can be distinguished:

Wide choose. The vast majority of Americans have been using vehicles for no more than 5 years, which affects the assortment of used cars in the secondary market. The potential buyer remains to determine the brand, condition, technical characteristics and cost of the car.

Transparency of the purchase. The US secondary car market is highly regulated by the state. Information on the history of the car, its mileage, possible damage and breakdowns, which is contained in the official Autocheck and Carfax databases, is exhaustive and fully true. This makes buying a car from America more comfortable and attractive.

The condition of the car. The technical condition of a car from the USA, even after long-term operation, significantly exceeds the condition of a one-year-old in Ukraine. The reasons for this difference lie in the quality of the American road surface, better fuel and the attitude of the owners towards the scheduled maintenance of cars.

Options and comfort. Since residents of America often prefer vehicles with the maximum configuration, cars from the USA meet the high requirements of comfort and safety. In addition to a high-quality interior and expensive drives, the brought car can be equipped with additional functions for a safe ride.

Reasonable prices. Even taking into account the costs of purchase, delivery, customs clearance and certification, a car from the USA will cost 20-40% cheaper than the same one bought in Ukraine.