Customs clearance of import in Ukraine

таможенное оформление импорта

The procedure for processing goods that are imported to Ukraine requires importers to perform certain actions and pay mandatory taxes.

The «ODEMARA» company provides its clients with services in full support of the import of goods to our country. The import customs procedure includes the following main steps:

  • Calculating the cost of customs clearance for each particular cargo, indicating the amount of each tax and duty.
  • Calculating the full amount of expenses associated with the import of a particular product. Determining the estimated profit that can be obtained for the goods, and the profitability of cargo delivery.
  • Collecting and submitting the necessary documents to the customs authorities for the accreditation of the firm that applied for our services.
  • Registering of applications, filling out all the necessary forms and submitting them in time to the appropriate authorities.
  • Constant tracking of the delivery of goods and ensuring its safety.

Our team of experienced professional brokers ensures that the paperwork is correct, all the necessary papers are collected and all tax payments are made. Entrusting us with the customs clearance of imports, you can be sure of getting the best results in the optimal time.

What documents are required to import goods?

The importation of goods purchased in other countries with a view to its subsequent sale on the territory of Ukraine must be executed in accordance with Ukrainian laws. For this, the following documents are submitted to the customs authorities:

  • A special card of the company confirming its accreditation for foreign economic activity.
  • Documents with detailed descriptions and characteristics of the goods.
  • Payment documents that determine the real value of the goods, and other financial statements.
  • Logistics documents – information about carriers, type of transportation and so on.
  • Special permits are required to import certain categories of goods to Ukraine.

The absence of any document or its incorrect filling can cause the delay of goods at the border and its possible damage.

To protect yourself from such troubles, please contact us. Experienced brokers of our company guarantee the clearance of imports of goods in the shortest time and in full compliance with all requirements.

How to determine the cost of broker services?

You can find out the cost of services for full customs clearance of imports from the managers of our company. Experts will calculate all the necessary costs and determine the cost of broker services, taking into account all the features of a particular cargo and the complexity of the situation. Cooperating with us, you do not have to overpay for brokerage services – we have the best prices.

Contact our managers, and you will be free from the need to independently carry out a complex and burdensome procedure for registering the import of goods from other countries!


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