Customs clearance of goods, customs clearance of goods in Ukraine, Odessa, Kiev

Таможенное оформление грузов, таможенное оформление товаров в Украине

Customs clearance of goods is a mandatory procedure during the carriage of any cargo through the customs. It consists of a large number of stages, among which the registration of a fairly large list of documents, which sometimes delivers quite a lot of problems.

How is the “customs clearance” carried out?

In order to allow the cargo to be loaded, it is necessary:

  • Present receipts for payment of state duty.
  • Have permission documentation and bring it to the customs authority.
  • Take a possible inspection. In this way, the state is insured in the event of an attempt to transport unresolved items and substances..
  • Provide an oral statement about the intention to carry the goods.

Inspections are also different for the purpose of conducting. There are veterinary, quarantine and customary customs inspections.
Customs clearance of goods is possible after arriving at the customs clearance station, even before arrival, in order to save time on the carrier. It is a pity that for this purpose one more person is required to be put in place in advance.
To facilitate the process, you can hire a professional broker. He will be able to fill out all necessary documents, conduct preliminary customs clearance of goods and will be able to help valuable advice and instructions for the rapid import of goods into the country.
Based on the advice of experts on this issue, qualitative and rapid customs clearance (Kiev) is possible only if such an algorithm is followed:

  1. Discuss the issue with a broker. Make a list of the required papers and consider whether it is expedient to import your goods to the territory of the country.
  2. Arrange an agreement with the customs broker.
  3. Choose one of the customs regimes after accrediting the company at the customs.
  4. To conclude an economic contract of an external direction.
  5. Calculate the total cost of services.
  6. Pre-pay all necessary fees and taxes.
  7. Provide the broker all necessary documents in advance.
  8. Import.

As you can see, the transportation of goods through customs is a rather complicated process, so a broker is simply necessary in most situations. He will not only fill out the necessary documents, but will be able to help in collecting all the papers and explain all the difficult moments.
There are several types of customs procedures in the legislation of any country. Basically, such a list consists of transit, export, import, processing at customs and outside the customs territory and processing for domestic consumption. Also, variants of re-export, re-import, destruction, duty free trade or refusal in favor of the state are possible. The type of procedure can be chosen by the carrier or an authorized person, in some cases, an authorized customs officer.
One of the most popular issues is the timing for the execution of a customs contract. In fact, this period is rather short and should not exceed one day, after the submission of all necessary documents. Despite this, it is often extended due to the need for examinations and inspections, which is critical for certain types of goods.

What is in the end?

The passage of customs control when importing and exporting goods is a very complex and rather lengthy process, which it is simply impossible for newcomers to go independently. But do not be afraid, there are quite a lot of professional brokers that can help you with this difficult task.
Also, after reading this article, attention should be paid to other facts:

  • Customs clearance (Ukraine) can take from a few days to several weeks depending on the circumstances and the need for inspections or examinations.
  • It is possible to make a cargo before its arrival at the customs office. It can be practiced by a customs broker or any other person.
  • This procedure should be planned in advance, if possible with your broker. This is done in order to be ready to submit any documents in the shortest possible time and save time with this help.
  • Your cargo may not be accepted by the customs. In this case, another customs procedure will be applied to it.
  • Treat any securities seriously. Any inaccurate information may result in the non-acceptance of the goods and the extension of the «paratrooping» period.

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