Customs clearance of export in Ukraine

таможенное оформление экспорта

To deliver any goods to another country, it is necessary to pass the mandatory customs clearance of each particular category of cargo. You can find reliable foreign partners, export your own products to other states and get good profit only if you conduct your business in accordance with all the rules and laws.

In order to export goods from Ukraine, you need to take into account a number of important nuances and sequentially perform several steps:

  1. Determine the category of goods and the purpose of their export to another country.
  2. Apply for accreditation of the firm to obtain permission to engage in foreign economic activities.
  3. Sign a cooperation agreement with foreign partners in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian laws.
  4. Ensure transportation of goods.
  5. Provide the customs authorities with all the necessary documentation for processing the export of goods.

The conclusion of an agreement with a brokerage firm will transfer all these concerns to a customs broker who will perform the above actions on behalf of the exporter and help solve all problematic issues.

What documents are required to export goods?

Sales outside Ukraine are possible only if all legal requirements are met and the necessary procedures are followed. To export goods, the exporter provides the following documentation:

  • Accreditation card confirming that the exporter has a permit for foreign economic activity.
  • Contracts with foreign counterparties for the sale of goods and specifications to these agreements, issued in accordance with all requirements.
  • A certificate that confirms the declaration of currency values and their amounts.
  • Logistics documents, the list of which is determined by the type and features of cargo transportation – consignment notes, route sheets, contracts with carriers, detailed information about the legal entity of the carrier and others.
  • For some products, a quality certificate is required.

Additional documents may be required for customs processing of certain categories of goods.

Independently to delve into all the nuances, collect all the listed documents and properly issue them — this is not an easy task. Experienced customs brokers of our company, who are well versed in all the intricacies of export support of goods outside the country, will help to cope with it.

Service Prices

The cost of our services depends on their scope and individual agreements with each client, as well as on the characteristics of the goods and activities of the company. We undertake the following activities:

  • We create an initial documentation base for organizations that are just starting export activities from scratch.
  • Full export clearance of goods.
  • Preparing transportation routes and finding the least expensive modes of transportation. Our company already has a number of well-established and ready-to-use logistics schemes.
  • Optimising the cost of supplying products to foreign partners, detailed analysis of the detected problems and their competent solution.
  • Continuous monitoring and prompt response in order to eliminate possible delays in transportation.

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