Customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods – features of the procedure

Customs clearance of goods is a phased implementation of a set of mandatory measures for the successful movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine. The legislation requires that this procedure be carried out so that the customs service fixes the export/import of goods. Goods purchased abroad can be released for free circulation on the territory of Ukraine only after customs clearance and payment of payments. In a professional environment, this term means the following concepts: «customs clearance», «customs clearance», «customs clearance», «declaration», «registration of import or export».

Customs formalities in Ukraine are regulated by the Constitution, Customs and Tax Codes, numerous international conventions, acts and orders. In order to successfully carry out customs declaration, you must have basic knowledge in the field of customs, currency and tax legislation. In case of incorrect and untimely customs clearance, your cargo may be subject to sanctions, or even seized with subsequent confiscation.

If it is important for you, subject to all regulatory conditions for the transportation of goods, that accuracy is guaranteed and an excellent result is guaranteed, then you should contact a logistics company. Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees in the field of «customs clearance», you can count on the full provision of such a service.

How we are working?

To order turnkey customs clearance of goods from us, you can do the following:

  • Fill out the proposed online form on the official website;
  • Call our contact manager by number, which is in the “Contacts” section;
  • Come to our office (the address can be found on the website) and agree on everything personally.

You only need to choose a convenient method from the proposed ones, and we will take care of the rest ourselves. You only need to study the cooperation agreement, provide information on the cargo and give consent to the start of our team.

The list of customs broker services includes the following:

  1. Carrying out the design of a package of documents that will ensure trouble-free passage of customs and control. It is available for all types of shipments;
  2. Optimal expenditures of the time necessary to draw up documentation suitable for import or export;
  3. Accreditation at customs;
  4. Provide advice or clarification regarding various customs regimes;
  5. The provision of accompanying services in international commodity traffic;
  6. The selection of appropriate product codes, as well as the provision of advice on this topic;
  7. Calculation of the full cost of transportation costs;
  8. Formation of a package of necessary documents, as well as independent customs clearance;
  9. Services for obtaining certificates for various categories of goods;
  10. Registration of cargo transportation in various customs regimes;
  11. Help in resolving disputes.

Who are we working for?

If you have your own large enterprise, however, this will also be relevant for the leaders of small companies, then you must have encountered many problems and difficulties when passing through customs. If you don’t know all the intricacies that Ukraine provides for customs clearance, you can hardly expect a good result.

To avoid such difficult situations, it will be useful for any legal or physical person to keep in mind that he has two ways:

  • The first is to do the procedure yourself. This provides for a rigorous study of all legislative acts and features of the procedure. But even knowing the entire regulatory framework and the specifics of this event, it is not always possible to count on a good result. So in view of the fact that it is possible to make mistakes when processing documents or not to understand the nuances of selecting a code for a particular product transported across the border (which is the most common mistake);
  • The second and most proven way is to entrust this matter to professionals. A brokerage agency such as Odemara employs experienced professionals. This gives confidence that the whole procedure will be carried out according to the “letter of the law”, while everything will not take a lot of time.

Of course, as a leader or person in charge, you can decide to try your own strength. This can guarantee experience, but also negative consequences as well. And all this will result in losses, which is naturally not desirable for you. Therefore, believe the experience of many organizations that have entrusted us with the solution of customs issues. The following advantages are on our side:

  1. The law, because we strictly abide by it;
  2. Experience, because our team has dealt with customs more than once;
  3. Responsibility, because we are always responsible for all our actions;
  4. Reasonable pricing policy, because we strive for the customs clearance of Ukraine to be mutually beneficial;
  5. Competence, because we know exactly how to act in various situations that are associated with the transportation of goods by legal and private individuals.

Need to get advice or conclude an agreement – call the number that is on the site. With us, your business will always be profitable, and our cooperation will be successful.

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