Sea container shipping

Container shipping: features, benefits, rules

One of the most cost-effective and reliable types of logistics services are container shipping. They are used in their international activities by large and small companies. They are also popular among many private individuals who carry out groupage transportation of goods to Ukraine or for export abroad.

According to statistics, in this way more than 70% of the volume of goods sold on the Ukrainian market is delivered. However, shipping by sea is a complex process that must follow certain rules. But customers who want to use this service at Odemara can rely on detailed advice and comprehensive assistance.

Features of the transportation mechanism

Shipping by sea is a specific service. This type of transport service is international, so they need a certain set of documents. And the basic rules for conducting, which provide for container transportation in Ukraine, are as follows:

  • Shipments that are classified as standard or groupage must be sealed. For their transportation, you need to have a package of transport and customs documents;
  • Oversized cargo transportation awaits a similar scenario.

A prerequisite throughout the process is the control of all actions. The loaded containers are checked before loading onto the ship and dispatch. The same procedure takes place in the port of the country that accepts it. Control does not stop at the stage of vessel movement along a pre-agreed route. A guarantee of the safety of transported valuables is insurance, which is issued in any case, regardless of the type of product.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages?

Container shipping from China or other countries near and far abroad, like any type of transportation, has its pros and cons. Regarding the main advantages, they are expressed in the following:

  • The safety of such an event is much higher when compared with other types of transport services. Transport accidents are less common at sea, and the situation itself cannot adversely affect the transported property;
  • The price of such services is much lower. This is due to the fact that there can be from one to tens of thousands of individual containers on board a single sea vessel, which significantly reduces the cost of service for each client. That is, in this matter the ratio is the following – the more it is transported, the less each customer will cost the transportation of his goods;
  • The ability to accurately calculate the time required for delivery to specific locations;
  • Clear definition of the route. All ship movements by sea are made on previously known and unchanged routes;
  • It is possible to transport any type of goods and products, except perishable;
  • There are no restrictions on the distance, which allows you to establish communication with any state. This favorably affects the development of international relations.

Well, the flip side of the coin is that:

  1. Difficulties in holding the event, but experienced logisticians who know all the details of this business can handle this;
  2. In order to transport goods from one country to another, you need to spend a lot of time, which is not always desirable or acceptable;
  3. Limited scope.

But for everything to be clear and smooth, and most importantly profitable, you need to choose a proven logistics agency for cooperation. For us, container shipping Ukraine is a core business, and your benefit is the main goal. We are always ready to provide you with an exhaustive range of container shipping services by sea.

Our managers will help to correctly calculate the cost of transportation, the optimal timing of its implementation and the profitability of the business. In addition, we will take care of the preparation of the package of necessary documents, and we do this without errors and very quickly. All this guarantees our joint benefit from cooperation.

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