Customs clearance of a car from Georgia

Purchase of a car in Ukraine is expensive. Only a few people can afford a new car from a store. A broken-but-repaired car is “a pig in a poke”, nobody knows what condition was it in when arrived to the territory and how well was it repaired.

Online car customs clearance calculator

Do you want to purchase a car and not to miscalculate? Pay attention to cars from Georgia. You can buy them for the same price as those from the USA. Purchasing and delivering a car is a wise investment into your comfort.

Quick customs clearance of cars from Georgia in Ukraine

«Odemara» company offers an advantageous offer of delivery and clearance of a car from Georgia. You will get the chosen car completely cleared from customs duties.

Besides, our clients are always informed abiut possible defects, engines status and capacity, and our experts will check the car in the database – whether it was reported as stolen.

Nowadays customs clearance of cars from Georgia is a popular service, because all the cars from the vehicle fleet are repaired and ready to use. When it comes to running gear quality, advantages are visible as there are no potholes abroad and road surface is smooth and without sharp swings.

Georgia cars advantages:

  • Large number of cars.
  • Fine technical status. Car’s cost depends on year of issue, state of its body and engine.
  • Wide variety of cars by renowned brands in different colours.

Here are some more advantages:

  • Prompt delivery of the chosen car. You do not need to wait 2-3 months for your car. It will be delivered much earlier.
  • 20-30% saving from purchase, comparing to Ukrainian market.
  • Checking the car’s past.
  • Processing the certificate necessary for car’s registration.

Customs clearance of a car from Georgia procedure

  • The car is transferred to Chernomorsk or Odessa Sea Port and unloaded from ferry.
  • Paper work. Contract of sale, technical passport, customs duties payment receipt, customs broker’s payment receipt.
  • Car’s transfer to Kyiv to the inland Customs office, car is certified, stating it’s level of environmental sensitivity and engine type.
  • Declaration is lodged to Kyuv Customs office.

How much does it cost to do customs clearance of a car from Georgia

The main group of expenditure on customs clearance is payment of taxes, transfer and customs broker. Similar to clearance of cars from the USA, taxes on cars from Georgia are calculated according to the customs value together with ferry transfer:

  • Excise duty – engine capacity, year of issue, fuel type.
  • 10% – customs duty is calculated from the car’s value.
  • VAT.
  • Transportation expenditure – loading, ferrying, unloading.

Why you should collaborate with us:

  • Extensive experience inthe field of transportation of goods and their customs clearance.
  • Professional customs broker that will do the clearance quickly.
  • Tracking the car.
  • Assistance with the paperwork.
  • Calculation of customs clearance of a car from Georgia

Leave it to professionals and get your car completely cleared from customs duties.

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