Customs clearance of a car from the USA

After new laws about reducing customs duties has been adopted, customs clearance of cars from the USA became one of the popular services. To choose a car abroad and clear it from all the customs duties one will need lots of time and effort. Want a good car for low price and within a few days? Go to professionals.

Online car customs clearance calculator

«Odemara» company offers customs clearance of cars from the USA in Ukraine.

  • Consulting on the various issues – in person and on phone.
  • Affordable cost of delivery from the USA to Ukraine.
  • Calculation of the value.
  • Verifying the car and the documents in databases. You will be sure that your car was not reported as stolen and is “clean” from a legal standpoint.
  • Insurance.

How to do customs clearance of a car from the USA

Car purchase abroad and its clearance in Ukraine is a good investment into business, if you have food delivery or taxi network. You have a good possibility to purchase one or a few working cars and receive them on agreed day in Odessa or in Kyiv.

Car can be purchased either through a firm of through an auction. The delivery is made by marine transport – one of the most safe and secure.

What does customs clearance of cars from the USA include?

  • Paying of customs duty at the rate of 10% from the car cost. This stage is also called excise duty. The cost depends also upon engine capacity, fuel type and year of issue.
  • VAT is value-added tax. 20% from the sum total of car cost, excise and customs duties is charged.

Each part of these payments has a payroll process of its own. What is important to know is that when clearing cars with US plates, cbstoms value is taken into account, not actual price. Average market price of a car in perfect condition is taken as a basis. Even if a car has been into an accident, has mechanical failures or corrosion, Customs office does not make discounts.

What to bring with you:

  • Technical passport
  • Declaration or invoice
  • Insurance policy

The presence of necessary papers will significally speed up the registration process.

Transparent information about car and deal

«Odemara» company offers rapid delivery to the destination port according at the appointed time and at a fixed tariff. If you have been planning a car purchase for a long time, you can choose the best option – by age, price and engine capacity.

  • You can order car delivery at reasonable price. We work with any budgets and offer the best option for your money
  • Choosing a car you will be informed about all its defects and technical status
  • Delivery together with customs clearance within a specified time frame. Our specialists will calculate the time frames of car delivery and the cost of the service
  • Doing the paperwork according to the Law on customs and the rules of the customs office. Client will obtain a full set of documents.

Come to get the cost of customs clearance of a car from the USA at a convenient time. Our specialists will consult you on all your questions and will help to settle the transportation issue.

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