Customs clearance of cars from Europe

«Odemara» company will help you with customs clearance of your car from Europe and will save your time and money. Nowadays the car clearance service is still gaining momentum, although it is not new at Ukrainian market.

Online car customs clearance calculator

Europe is a world leader in automobile industry.

The inner market of the country is saturated with new and secondhand cars for affordable prices.

Besides the reasonable price of secondhand cars, European cars are:

  • Inspected regularly;
  • Used on smooth and quality road surface without bumps;
  • Refuelled with high-quality gasoline, which effects on the engine lifetime.

How to quickly clear a car from Europe

You do not have to doubt the quality of the imported cars – they are used on good roads without deep holes and bumps, go through technical inspections at licensed service stations and that’s why will serve long to the new owner. European market offers various options – from family cars to sport cars op world’s leading brands. You may buy a car in any condition – a new one, a secondhand or after an accident.

Customs clearance of a car from Europe procedure

If you want to purchase a car abroad, you’ll have to get clearance in Ukraine. The happy owner will meet:

  • Passing the customs border;
  • Tax payment;
  • Filling out a customs declaration;
  • Pay cash collateral;
  • Sertification;
  • Registration;
  • Paying the pension fund due.

We have been dealing with customs clearance of cars from Europe for several years and we know that this process is painstaking and difficult. If you never done the cars transportation and customs registration we recommend you to appeal to professionals.

Collaboration advantages

When you appeal to specialists you can be sure that your car will be cleared properly and will meet no hindrance on Ukrainian territories.

  • Affordable cost. At our website you yourself can calculate the total cost that will be transferred to the Customs office. And figure an approximate cost that car would cost.
  • Full inspection of the vehicle. You will be sure that the car is not stolen and is not registered to someone else.
  • Purchaser will get a full set of documents. You will not need to do long and painstaking processing of certificates.
  • High level of professionalism – we work with brokers of extensive experience.
  • Accuracy, competence, attentiveness.
  • Individual approach.

«Odemara’s» staff members are aware of amendments and changes in the Law, will calculate any kind of payments and inform you about the date of your car delivery. Collaborating with us you do not risk but get what have been wanting for so long time.

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