Customs clearance and temporary importation of cars

Cars customs clearance in Ukraine

In 2016, in Ukraine a new law came into force that provides for lowering the excise rate for used cars imported to its territory from the US, Georgia, European and other countries. While expecting to benefit in price of new preferential tariffs, Ukrainian drivers and second-hand dealers rushed to these countries to purchase cars. What is the mechanism of the above-mentioned law and has the excise tax actually decreased? Let’s try to understand these nuances.

Car customs clearance calculation tariffs and schemes:

Indeed, the tariffs have significantly decreased. According to current legislation, today the following rates applywhen you import a car from abroad:

Tariffs for cars with a gasoline engine:

  • for 1-1,5 Lengines — EUR0,063 (togetherEUR 1,275);
  • for 1,5-2,2 Lengines— EUR0,267 (togetherEUR 1,723);
  • for 2,2-3 Lengines— EUR0,276 (togetherEUR 2,452);
  • for engines exceeding 3 L —EUR2,209 (togetherEUR 2,680).

Tariffs for cars with diesel engine:

  • for enginesup to 1,5 L— EUR0,103 (togetherEUR 1,367);
  • for 1,5-2,5 Lengines— EUR0,327 (togetherEUR 1,923);
  • for engines exceeding 2,5 L — EUR2,209 (togetherEUR 2,779).

Calculation of customs clearance cost at the example with the car with the volume of petrol engine of 1,968 L costing EUR 6000.

  1. Excise rate calculation– X:
    Х = 1968 сm³ х EUR 327 = EUR 643,54
  2. Customs fee – Y:
    Y = EUR 6000 х 10% = EUR 600  (given that the duties make out 10%).
  3. VAT (20%) – Z:
    Z = (EUR 6000 + EUR 600 + EUR 643,54) х 20% = EUR 71
  4. Customs payments calculation – N:
    N = X + Y + Z = 600 + 643,54 + 1448,71 =EUR2692,25

Conclusion: cost of customs clearance for 1,968 L petrol car costing EUR 6’000 after August 01, 2016 makes out EUR 2692,25.

When buying a car with subsequent customs clearance in Ukraine, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • The car must be purchased in your name. When buying a car in Europe – Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria and other EU countries – the future owner does not need to travel outside Ukraine. You can contact the buyers who are engaged in buying and driving cars from abroad. The purchasing agent in the process of buying executes the deed of sale directly in your name;
  • You have to cross the border on the already purchased car;
  • According to the regulations of the law, the purchased car cannot be sold during one year. After the purchase, the sale is still possible, but absolutely unprofitable. When selling a car earlier than a year after its purchase, you will have to pay the difference to the budget based on the old excise rate;
  • no more than one car per year can be imported to Ukraine;
  • carsmanufactured not earlier than 2010 can be imported to Ukraine.

Customs clearance of cars purchased on the territory of Germany

Today, for Ukrainian buyers the most advantageous option for buying cars in Europe is the purchase of cars in Germany. Such a positive trend hasappeared in connection with the special features of current German legislation thatprovides a fairly severe liability for fraudsters, dishonest traders and car dealers. Administrative and criminal punishment is borne by persons providing false information about technical condition of the car, as well as those twisting the kilometers performance on the speedometer and some other actions.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the highest quality of the German autobahns and city roads, that directly affects the condition of the car operated on the territory of this country.

Another important point: when buying a car from a German citizen, a German as a former car owner receives compensation from the state in the amount of 19% VAT. That is why the diligent Germans are pleased to go on sale of used cars for export. By selling your car to a foreigner, they easily make concessions and lower the price at bargaining.

To carry out a customs clearance for a car purchased in Germane, you need to take into account the following peculiarities:

  • It is necessary to have on hand a sales invoice (the so-called invoice) for the car purchased. It should include the price, VIN number of the car, information about the buyer and the seller;
  • in Ukraine, at the legislative level, double registration of road transport is prohibited. Therefore, when buying a car in Germany, be sure to deregister it with the police. After you pass this procedure, you will be issued a technical passport (small and large – a brief, TZ1, TZ2). Otherwise, you will not be able to fulfill the procedure for registration of your purchaseat the Ukrainian customs, and in addition, you will not be able to register the car with MREO.

To free yourself from unnecessary troubles and problems when buying a car abroad, we recommend you to consult our specialists. The information you will receive will help you avoid complications and misunderstandings when filling in necessary documentation.

Customs clearance of a car from America

According to official statistics, today more than seven and a half thousand cars have already been imported and cleared to Ukraine.

Need qualified help when buying a car abroad, as well as services for its customs clearance in Odessa and its certification? We are happy to help you in such endeavors.


Electric cars: environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness

Advantages of obtaining an electric car:

  • There is no need to comply with the “Euro”environmental regulations and, accordingly, there are no restrictions on the year of carmake;
  • zero customs clearance: duty 0%, VAT – 0%, excise duty –EUR 0.


Temporary car import

Documents required for non-resident to import cartemporarily:

  • technical passport for the vehicle;
  • non-resident’s passport, temporary residencecertificate (permanent place of residence is not applicable).

After submission of these documents and written completion of the customs declaration (Order of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 21.05.12), the customs willissue a certificatedue to which the machine can be registered in the MREO.

The customs broker of our company will help you fill in the declaration and fulfill all the customs procedures necessary in this case.


Delivery and forwarding of vehicles

(cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.)

After signing an exclusive contract with the American partners, “ODEMARA” is the agent of several companies for organization of dispatch and transportation of cars from America to Ukraine, providing a full range of forwarding and customs clearance services in the port of Odessa.

Business partners and customers of “ODEMARA” services can be sure that the container transportation arranged by professionals of our company –delivery of the container – will be carried out in a quality manner and on time. After all, the capabilities of our company allow us to carry out the operational loading and unloading of containers for their transportation by sea, intensive transportation of container cargo and smooth passage of customs in case sea container transportation. You do not have to wait for the carriage of your container for a long time, as is often happens with container international transport.

As a rule, we carry out container transportation to Ukraine including loading of various types of vehicles on board of the ship, these can be: some types of water transport, cars and motorcycles. The shipping containers available at our disposal are suitable for the safest and most practical transportation of goods in transportationcontainers.

Order the transportation you require in containers on terms the most acceptable for you by using our containertransportation service in. Order container transportation with a full list of services necessary for this, from preparation ofvehicles for transportation in a container to the customs clearance of cargo carried in containers.

To contact the specialists of our company, please, use the telephone number and e-mail or fill-in the feedback blank:

+38 (050) 499-39-05

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