Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine

Customs clearance of cars has become a popular feature among Ukraine citizens because automobiles developed in foreign countries are in a great condition and have a great design and a low price.

In order to avoid having any problems with law and law-enforcement officials while purchasing a car a client has to conduct a customs clearance of cars according to the rules. Such a procedure includes three main steps:

  • Checking of technical condition of a car to mark if it works properly;
  • Registration of all documents;
  • Payment of governmental funds.

Recently the procedure of interaction with customs officials and the payment of funds for import of automobiles has been changed considerably because of some corrections in legislation.

Online car customs clearance calculator

How much does it cost to clear the car?

The cost of customs clearance of cars in 2019 which are imported to our country depends on several significant factors:

  • The year of releasing the car;
  • The type of engine;
  • The price of the car.

Legalization prices for 2019 depend on:

  1. Transport tax. It’s about 10 percent of the cost of a car for a usual number of passengers. If it can accommodate 10 or more people, it will be 8 percent.
  2. Excise.
  3. Type of engine.

For diesel engine price depends on:

  • The year when the car was produced;
  • Engine volume (the characteristic is indicated in liters);
  • A fixed rate depends on engine volume. If it’s less than 3,5 liters, a rate is 75 euros. For those vehicles which have engines with more than 3,5 liters a fixed rate is 150 euros.

For cars with petrol engines the custom clearance prices in 2019 depend on these characteristics:

  • Age of the vehicle;
  • Engine volume (it’s shown in liters);
  • A fixed rate depends on engine volume. For cars with less than 3 liters engines it is about 50 euros, if this number is more, the rate is 100 euros;
  • Added-value tax. This is 20 percent of the sum which includes a price of the automobile, transferring tax for the particular vehicle and an excise duty. These characteristics are summed up and multiplied in 20 percent.

It is allowed to pay for the tax for the imported car using a national Ukraine currency or the currency of another country. If the second method is chosen, a sum depends on a current exchange rate.

The exact price of the service can be counted here. A user simply has to input the information about the car, and the price will be calculated automatically.

Specificities of the procedure

There are some special rules fore the electronic automobile imported to the country. Such a vehicle is a noiseless option which doesn’t bring any damages to the nature.

According to the law, paying an added-value tax and a transfer tax isn’t needed till 2022.

Excise duty is fixed, and it’s about 1 euro for 1 kilowatt of a battery. An owner of such a vehicle should also pay a tax to the pensionary fund which is about from 3 to 5 percent.

Registration for automobiles which are imported from America

It is getting more and more popular to purchase used automobiles from the USA. Such a procedure includes:

  • Searching for the car;
  • Taking part in bidding;
  • The delivery of the car.

The team of our company provides services for completing these procedures. For this purpose we use water carriage to the port in Odessa.

It’s essential to remember these moments while buying a car in another country:

  • Documents should be formalized for the future owner;
  • An owner should out travel with the car;
  • It’s allowed to import only one car per year;
  • Cars should be produced later than in 2010;
  • It’s forbidden to drive the car for more than 10 days in one custom area.

If the rules aren’t followed, the owner of the car will be fined.

ODEMARA is a company which provides a lot of services in international cooperation, shipping and formalization of documents. Here are only professionals in our firm who will provide customs clearance of cars quickly.

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