Customs clearance of cars from Netherlands

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How to obtain customs clearance for a car from the Netherlands in Ukraine?

Nowadays it is not economically profitable to purchase car in Ukraine. There are some reasons for that: low quality of road surface, owners that save on the replacement of the consumables in time and refuel with low-quality gas. It impacts on the condition of engine and running gear. Odemara company clients have the possibility to order customs clearance of a car from the Netherlands and its transfer to the destination port. Car delivery is an advantageous service that allows you purchase car abroad and win in many ways:

  • Fine technical status. It is fine because of high quality of road surface, short distance between towns which means low mileage.
  • Big vehicle fleet. Our specialists will choose the optimal option for your demands, preferencies and your budget. Price, engine capacity, year of issue, gearbox, colour.
  • Most attractive offers.You can order a car with delivery in any condition. From the ideal one to options with some minor deteriorations – scratches, dents, slight defects.
  • Experts will examine car’s condition. By law, owners must give all the description and inform about defects if any. Odemara specialists make further inspection at service station and check whether the car was reported as stolen.

If you want to order the delivery of a car with customs clearance, we recommend you to appeal to professionals. You can estimate the cost of the delivery with calculator or consult a company where specialists will readily do it by all rights.

Why is it important to order customs clearance of a car from the Netherlands

«Odemara» company offers affordable prices for customs clearance of cars from the Netherlands and has such advantages as:

  • Providing help at all stages. From the assistance in choosing a car to the delivery of the purchase and the set of documents to the owner.
  • Charges payment – the import, customs and excise duties, broker’s service, VAT.
  • Full inspection of the car, assistance with obtaining the documents.
  • Participation in the auction
  • Dealing with issues connected with loading and unloading of the vehicle.
  • Bate and time of arrival at the Customs office.
  • Transmission of the car and full set of documents.

Order customs clearance of a car from the Netherlands at favourable prices. We guarantee quality work, quick delivery and clearance of your car from all the customs duties.

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