Customs clearance of the cars from Germany

Customs clearance of the cars from Germany is the process of doing all the necessary paperwork for the registration of a car. «Odemara» company’s experienced customs broker will help you to do the paperwork correctly and will calculate the cost of the customs clearance and all the additional payments.

Online car customs clearance calculator

«Odemar’s» professional customs clearance of the car from Germany

When choosing a car, people meet a number of problems like inflated cost, poor state of the engine and the running gear. Nowadays many choose to order custom clearance of a car from Germany, and these are some reasons for that:

  • Wide selection of cars. Abroad an average service life is 5 years. That’s why you can find and order the delivery of a fresh car at a legitimate auction. You can choose an optimal engine capacity, brand, colour of the car and technical status. Options with dents, some minor problems with the running gear or the engine would be cheaper.
  • Total verification. Cars that appear at the auction have gone through full technical examination. By law, the purchaser must be informed about all the defects and is able to estimate the risks and the cost of the repair. Additionally, Odemara specialists check the papers for legal compliance – whether the car was reported as stolen, was it involved in a traffic accident and other issues.
  • Reasonable price. Cars abroad is still a means of transport, not a luxury item, that’s why the total cost of a car+transportation+customs clearance is cheaper than purchasing a car in Ukraine.

«Odemara» company offers customs clearance service of a car from Germany according to all the customs rules. We help you to solve a number of questions that arise at the early stage – the selection of a car. We contact the vendor, get details on the technical status, verify the car through the database, set up the date and time for the car examination.

How to order the customs clearance of a car from Germany at «Odemara» company

  • Contact us to make clear the collaboration details. Leave your contact info or call back at the telephone number.
  • Calculatoon of charges. You can use our calculator and compute the cost of car delivery and co-payments. VAT, excise, import and customs duties, the work of customs broker, gas for the car transported. Our specialists collect information about special prices for some population groups and whether it is possible to get a discount when registration by the public authority.
  • We inform our clients about the delivery time to the destination port and the whereabouts of the car during the delivery period.
  • We work on the treaty with the obligations of the parties clearly set out.

We offer reasonable cost f customs clearance from Germany and guarantee the fulfilment of the obligations according to the treaty.

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