Customs clearance of cars from Belgium

Online car customs clearance calculator

Rapid clearance of cars from Belgium

Customs clearance of Belgian cars has been in huge demand over the last few years. Ukrainians eagerly buy imported cars for multiple reasons:

  • Quolity. It’s no secret that by law no car in Europe will be used without regular technical inspection. The owners change all the consumables in time and monitor the status of the running gear and the engine.
  • Regular car change. The car is no longer a luxury good, every family owns one. On average, a vehicle is changed every 5 years, that’s why it goes on sale in good technical status.
  • Wide range of vehicles and vendors. European market is full of attractive offers. World’s leading brand cars – BMW, RENAULT, VOLKSWAGEN, NISSAN, SKODA.
  • Most attractive offers. You can order abroad a car delivery from Belgium with customs clearance twice as less than buy the car in Ukraine.

At present «Odemara» company provides services in purchase and delivery of cars. We buy the car from the auction and bring it to the owner. All the process may seem very easy and quick, but in practice it is full of pitfalls in all stages. That is why you should leave the delivery and customs clearance to the professionals.

How to order clearance of the car from Belgium

If you want to purchase a car with the delivery and customs clearance (payment of duties, excise duty included) – address to us. «Odemara» company specialists are ready to consult client and assist in choosing the best option – the brand, year of issue, engine capacity. You can also use our user-friendly calculator to compute price for the clearance from Belgium. It should be taken into account, that clearance prices include VAT, excise and import duties, customs registration.

Your advantages from collaboration with «Odemara» company

  • Client consulting, assistance in selecting the best option. Market analysis on client’s demand. We know the importance of details, that’s why we examine carefully the technical status of the car.
  • Searching for attractive offers.
  • Communication with the vendor, collecting full information about the technical status.
  • Inspection of the car, checking and verifying the documents for legal compliance.
  • Buying, transfer to the port, customs clearance.

And the most important, we calculate the total cost of the clearance of the car from Belgium and the approximate day of arrival. Entrust transportation and customs clearance of the car to the professional team.

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