Cargo transshipment organization

Organization of transshipment of grain, oily cargo and oils in shipload lots or in containers

The Company“ОДЕМАРА” provides services on organization of grain, oily cargo and oils transshipment in Odessa, Yuzhne and Chornomorsk Ports both in shipload lots and containers. We organize acceptance, accumulation and sending of your cargo on board of vessel of any size up to “PANAMAX” size on specialized terminals with issue of all accompanying documents.

We will take care of all issues concerning transshipment of your cargo on the terms the most beneficial for you and will fulfill all set tasks in the best way.

Within the framework of organization of grain, oily cargo and oils transshipment in shipload lots or in containers, the Company “ODEMARA” provides the following services:

  • cargo delivery plan coordination;
  • organization of acceptance, accumulation and storage of cargo;
  • organization of cargo loading to the sea vessel using elevator or directly “wagon – vessel” in “export” or “transit” mode;
  • control over the quality and condition of the stored cargo;
  • customs declaration of cargo;
  • issue of cargo documents, namely: consignment notes, manifests, mate’s receipt;
  • cargo certification: issue of declaration and cargo safety certificate, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate,veterinary certificate, health certificate and also non-radioactivity certificate, etc.;
  • issue of FIATAdocuments;

Within the framework of stuffing containers with grains, oily cargo or oils, the Transport and Forwarding Company “ODEMARA” provides the following set of services:

  • acceptance of container with cargo;
  • cargo weighting and warehouse services;
  • preparation of export or transit documents and cargo certification;
  • customs declaration of cargo;
  • container dispatch to the vehicle;
  • delivery to the destination point;
  • sea freight.

For detailed information on organization of transshipment of grains, oily cargo and oils shipload lots or in containers, please contact by the telephone number or the e-mail:

+38 (050) 499-39-05


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