Container transportation

Container transportation

Today, maritime transport is the best and at the same time the cheapest way of exceptional freight transport in conducting foreign economic trade transactions. Sea shipping allows you to promptly import the products of almost any product groups with minimal time and money spent by the customer. For the import of goods from abroad, most commonly used container shipping, as it is the most popular and practical format is used extensively in international traffic.

The transport-forwarding company “ODEMARA” carries out international container transportation of cargoes for domestic, and for international representatives of small, medium and large business. We offer to your attention a wide range of services, including the most demanded schemes of transportation by sea, as well as a full range of accompanying services including legal support, preparation of necessary documentation, customs clearance and brokerage services in the ports of Ukraine, as well as in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

The colossal positive experience of our employees, supported by an understanding of the trends in the international maritime container shipping market, allows us to cope with any tasks set by our customers.

Main characteristics of sea container transportations

International sea transport with delivery to Ukraine includes the following stages:

  • development and calculation of the optimal route for the transport of goods from China to Odessa;
  • calculation of the cost of transportation of the container by sea directly to the customer’s warehouse;
  • selection of the required type of container for the carriage of goods by sea;
  • supplying the container with the goods to the storage room for subsequent loading;
  • delivery of cargo to the port of departure (Odessa, Yuzhnyy);
  • the customs clearance of the cargo container at the port of departure;
  • loading of containers in the port;
  • transshipment of containers after arrival at the port of destination;
  • unloading of goods in Ukraine at the port of destination;
  • customs clearance of cargo in the mode of import, transit, export;
  • transportation of goods from the port to the warehouse of the recipient company at the address specified by the client;
  • unloading of cargo in the consignee’s warehouse;
  • return of the released container to the port on the company’s transport.

Prices for international freight forwarding from China to Ukraine

Calculate the cost of sea transportation from China to Odessa, and then to Kiev, you can, considering the following factors:

  • the cost of land transportation of goods at the port of departure;
  • customs clearance of accompanying documentation and loading of the container on board the ship;
  • the cost of sea freight;
  • unloading of expedited goods and their customs clearance in the country of destination;
  • selection of vehicles for delivery to the warehouse of the customer (car or rail).

Services for additional support of sea container transportation

Freight forwarding company “ODEMARA” provides additional services for maritime transport in Odessa, then Kiev and other regions of Ukraine:

  • connection of cargo insurance services from the loading warehouse along the whole journey;
  • customs clearance of the imported goods;
  • consulting support on key aspects of foreign economic activity;
  • conducting customs inspections;
  • Logistics in the warehouse;
  • survey services;
  • assistance in finding reliable trading partners;
  • Preparation and carrying out of purchases.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • We have established strong relationships with Chinese manufacturers, sellers, leading warehouses and ports of China. Reliable partners and well-established logistics schemes guarantee the safety of the goods you purchased and the relatively low cost of shipping goods by sea;
  • We will not make you wait. Any cargo from China or other regions of Asia will be delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks from the time of its loading onto the ship;
  • The bureaucratic component takes a very long time in the process of international delivery. Our specialists will issue all accompanying documents without your participation in the shortest possible time.
  • In case there was an unforeseen situation during the expedition, our staff specialists are always ready to help you. To do this, just call back one of the contact phones.

If you still need more information about the list of services provided by ODEMARA, we recommend you carefully review the sections of our website or contact our manager by phone or email:

+38 (050) 499-39-05;

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