Chartering of vessels

Marine vessels chartering in Ukraine

The main activity of the ODEMARA Chartering Department is the conclusion of contracts of carriage by sea, that is charter party, between the charterer and the shipowner on mutually beneficial terms for both parties.

Chartering of vessels is not only the search for vessels at the lowest freight rate presentin the freight market, but also it is conclusion of a sea freight contract between the shipowner and the charterer.

During the voyage, as well as cargo operations, many problematic issues arise between shipownersand charterers. Sometimes neither partywishes to search forcompromisewiththe other, considering themselves right. Freight broker takes the most active partin resolving such disputes while acting as a mediator, using the terms of the charter, regulations of international maritime law and his experience as his arguments in resolving this kind of conflict.

Thus, the role of the freight broker becomes comprehensive and versatile. He should be an expert not only in the shipping industry, but also be an economist, lawyer and mediator. Due to many years of work on the freight market the employees of our Freight Department have acquired the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge that helps to solve any tasksset by the client and conflict issues arising in the process of fulfilling the terms of the contract of carriage by sea.

Due to many years of workof the Company “Odemara” in the sphere of chartering and ship agency, we managed to establish tight and close relationships with many shipowners and cargo owners on the world freight market, in connection with that we are able to provide the most profitable and competitive cooperation. Our Freight Department specializes in transportation of all types of general and bulk cargoes from 1’000 mt and up to vessels of the “PANAMAX” type from the Black and the Mediterranean seas in any directions.

Freight brokers of our company provide the following services:

  • work with cargoes of charterers exclusively and competitively, while protecting the interests of the client, carrying out on his behalf a search for a suitable tonnage at the right time and at a favorable freight rate, taking into account the requirements for the ship and the terms of the cargosale contract;
  • consulting and informing on the current status of the freight market, indication of freight for the planned sale and transportation of cargo;
  • calculation of both preliminary and final laytime after the voyage ends on the basis of the statement and the notice of readiness;
  • monitoring the voyage progress and settling disputes arising between the charterer and the shipownerduring the transportation.

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