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Forwarding services in Ukraine

Freight forwarding – a set of services for organizing the transportation of all types of goods from the point of departure to the point of final arrival. Forwarding services involve the solution of organizational issues and execution of all necessary documents for the successful delivery of cargo. Forwarder services include determining the optimal route for the transport of goods and tracking the movement of goods throughout the route.

Transportation and Forwarding Company “ODEMARA” strengthens its positions in the market of transport and logistics services each year. One of our key activities is the forwarding of all types of cargo in the largest Ukrainian ports Odessa, Yuzhne and Chornomorsk.

If you want to surely receive the batch of your cargo sound and on time, then you should contact the Company “Odemara”. Having been working in the field of transport and logistics services since 1992, we have established the process of goods delivering and forwarding to automatism.

Within the framework of forwarding, our main goal is to ensure full control over the process of delivery from the supplier to the customer. We guarantee fast delivery “door to door”, carefully watch goods safety and we prepare documentation required for transportation.

All that is necessary for timely delivery and receipt of goods is just to contact the Company “Odemara.”

The list of our forwarding services for all types of cargo includes:

  • registration of all documentation necessary for transportation: commodity invoices, transport permits, etc.;
  • selection of the optimal way ofdelivery: by air, by rail, by road or by sea, among which sea transport is more preferablebecause of better ratio of the transportation price to the speed of transportation;
  • development of optimal and the most convenient route for you;
  • monitoringwarehouse services performance andcompliance with the required storage regime;
  • control of packaging, labeling, loading and unloading of goods;
  • constant monitoring of the condition and location of the cargo during its transportation, as well as fulfillment of transportation conditions of;
  • customs clearance of any export or import as well as transitgoods;
  • delivery of your shipment exactly to the specified address;
  • settlement of any issues arising in the process of transportation.

All forwarding services provided by the company “ODEMARA” are specified in an official contract.

At your request, we send reports at each stage of escort. We promptly inform about crossing the border and delivery to the destination point.

To order our services or to obtain detailed information on forwarding, please contact using the specified telephone number and e-mail, or fill in the feedback blank:

+38 (050) 499-39-05

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Professional freight forwarding in Odesa

Transportation and freight forwarding if difficult and rather important process for trade relations. It is significant even at the state level. Because of exporting and importing of goods the supply of most important groceries and non-food products is carried out.

A correctly organized freight forwarding guarantees proper and safe escort of goods – their security and good condition at the time of handover to the customer.

«Odemara» company offers professional service connected with transportation and freight forwarding, including full control of the cargo movement between supplier and customer. Our staff experts have great experience and are skilled in goods quality, rules regulations of different groups of products transportation, meet the deadlines set with suppliers, correctly do all the necessary paperwork.

Our competent experts save customers’ time on customs clearance – this complicated procedure will be carried out without customer’s participation.

Advantages from collaboration with «Odemara» company

Our experts offer freight forwarding service on highest level. Our company collaborates with the best carriers, that provide the most correct transportation in safe containers that eliminate the deterioration of goods and damage. For perishable goods transportation we use special means of transport with built-in refrigerators that maintain the optimal temperature and humidity, prescribed by national standards.

Our customers can:

  1. Familiarize themselves with other customers’ feedback;
  2. Receive consultation from a qualified operator;
  3. Obligatory contract signing;
  4. Get to know about transportation cost;
  5. Consider transport rout and track whereabouts of the cargo;
  6. Choose the most optimal transport means to transport specific group of goods (including specialised refrigerators);
  7. Get help in undergoing procedures regulated by sea ports and intermediate points and other governmental services.

Customers that decided to order freight forwarding service at our company receive on regular basis reports about the work undertaken. We keep our clients informed about all the important points and whereabouts of the goods.

We are well aware of existing legislation and all the amendments. But we also take care of our client’s profit and work to arrange the most advantageous for the customer delivery of cargo within Ukraine and abroad. We guarantee low prices for freight forwarding service and are ready to provide individual approach to every customer.

You can ask your questions over the phone at any time convenient for you.

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