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Online car customs clearance calculator

Customs clearance calculator: parameters and calculation features

The last few years, Ukrainians have become very interested in passenger vehicles from Europe and the United States. This attracts mainly by its price factor advantage. Therefore, if you are among those interested, you should know everything about the features of customs clearance of cars at the border. But the most important thing is to know how much you will have to pay for this procedure, and for this you will need our calculator for customs clearance of cars.

Key parameters and regulatory framework

The main purpose of such a calculator is to calculate the amount of tax fees that should be paid for a car purchased abroad. All rules and regulations are laid down in the Law of Ukraine No. 2611-VIII of 11/08/2018. Also, this legislative act also contains a specially developed formula, according to which the customs clearance of a car is calculated – the calculator also takes it as a basis.

There are several important nuances that a buyer of a car from another country with mileage should know:

  1. There are no age restrictions on the vehicle;
  2. Mandatory deregistration of a vehicle at local regulatory authorities (must be documented);
  3. There should be documentary evidence that the buyer has paid the full amount of the car assessment to the seller;
  4. The environmental class of the vehicle is not lower than EURO-2.

Regarding the main parameters that are taken when calculating the amount of customs clearance, they are expressed in the following:

  • The age of the car, which is calculated in full years from the next year from the one in which it was released;
  • State customs duty;
  • Excise duty;
  • Value added tax.

The tradition of fast and profitable customs clearance

If you decide to buy a used car, but there are doubts about competence in customs matters, then you should contact the Odemara company, where you are always ready to provide your assistance. We are ready for you:

  1. Provide a full and detailed consultation on the topic of customs clearance of cars;
  2. Answer all your questions;
  3. Calculate the exact amount using your car customs clearance calculator in Ukraine 2021;
  4. To help you choose the best option for buying a vehicle, keeping in mind your basic requirements;
  5. Prepare the necessary documents for customs clearance;
  6. Accompany your purchase at all stages of the journey – from sending to receiving by you already in Ukraine.

Tips for Using an Online Customs Clearance Calculator

If you decide to conduct your own calculations before contacting our agency, then our customs car calculator is at your service. In order to use it, you need to go to the official website and open the corresponding tab. You will see a dialog box with functional lines, into which you will need to enter the following information:

  • The full cost of the car. Indicate the amount in currency (for example, Euro). The real value of the vehicle valuation that you paid after the fact is taken into account. This information is usually indicated in the documents confirming the fact of payment;
  • Engine capacity. This value is indicated in the value “cubic meter”. This value can be found in the technical passport, which is attached to t / s;
  • Age of a car – this ratio was described in detail earlier;
  • Type of fuel. There are only two possible options – gasoline or diesel.

Recently, steel electric cars have been very popular, and all because of their advantages. Regarding the calculation of customs clearance on an online calculator, that is, your own adjustments. To enter data, there are only two main information windows – this is the price of the car and the power of the electric motor (measured in kW / h). By the way, such a purchase is also attractive because there are certain benefits regarding the amount of customs payments.

But in any case, a profitable purchase can be made only with the support of a professional brokerage agency. This ensures that all the procedures required by law are completed quickly, from the execution of a package of documents to the moment the machine is received for personal use.

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