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Ship agency in the ports of Ukraine

Since 1992 till present the Company “ODEMARA” has been leader by quality of agency service and the number of processed vessels. For more than 26 years of operation in the international market of transport and logistics services, “ODEMARA” has proved itself as a high-class agent, trusted agency servicing of vessels by the world’s largest shipowners and charterers. Our company is completely independent, has reliable relationships with related organizations and government departments. We will provide you with a high quality, reliable and flexible agency service.

The company “ODEMARA”provides vessel agency services in the main ports of Ukraine: Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhne and Mykolaiv.

Basic services within the framework of ship agency service:

  • Full agency servicing before, during and/or after the call;
  • Calculation of port charges for the call;
  • Informing about port and terminal restrictions;
  • Check of cargo readiness;
  • Berth reservation;
  • Other required formalities;
  • Protecting agency servicing;
  • Change of crew.

Also, together with our partners, we offer necessary additional service for which we are personallyresponsible:

  • Any kind of sea survey;
  • Cleaning and washing of cargo holds;
  • Ship and ship equipment repair;
  • Ship supply.

In addition to the agency of cargo ships, “ODEMARA” successfully provides its services to passenger ships. We are ship’s agents of such well-known companies as P & O Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Cristal Cruises, Royal Olympic and others.

Agency servicing of passenger liners is a very specific matter requiring special attention. The largest passenger transportoperators trust us to resolve these issues, fully relying on us.

We invite shipowners and charterers for joint mutually beneficial cooperation.

To know more about the service of ship agency servicing, you can contact us by the specified telephone number or e-mail, or by filling in the feedback blank:

+38 (050) 499-39-05

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Professional shipping agency in Odessa

The initial activities of freight-forwarding company «Odemara» were providing shipping agency, which is still in demand. Over the period of its existence the company has improved the service quality and increased the amount of ships processed. Nowadays these responsibilities are achieved because of high professional level and experience of the company’s experts. In 25 years of our work the company has been recognized as a high level agency in the Ukrainian market, which is trusted by the leadership of medium and large scale business.

High qualification of our experts and agents lets our customers do whatever they want while we carry out our tasks and provide reports on the work undertaken.

Main advantages of collaboration with our company regarding shipping agency

Our company provides shipping agency in sea ports of Odesa, Chernomorsk, Yuzhne and Mykolaiv. Its name is correlated with the level of confidence and trust among shipowners. We stand out from other companies with our advantages such as:

  1. Efficiency;
  2. Responsiveness;
  3. Reasonable price;
  4. Service accessibility;
  5. Work transparency (all the processes are implemented only after contract is signed);
  6. The possibility of 24-hour tracking the whereabouts of the goods;
  7. Quick delivery of goods;
  8. Assistance with cargo paperwork;
  9. Strong business relationship with our partners and governmental services.

We provide services that give additional safeguards to the customers and ensure full transparency of work.

We offer everybody who wants to order the service shipping agency in Ukraine. All you need to do is to address the company manager and ask your questions or simply fill out the online form at our website.

  • Counting the preliminary disbursement cost;
  • Providing information to shipowners and charterers about orders or any rule change in sertain sea port;
  • Cargo readiness check;
  • Passing the border, customs and sanitary controls;
  • Prepayment of port services invoices;
  • Promoting the customer’s interests;
  • Fulfilment of the contract obligations;
  • Harmonization of cargo loading plans;
  • Protecting the interests of the shipowner and charterer;
  • Preparing and processing of certificates and commodity-transport documents;
  • Checking and payment of invoices.

Besides its main functions, «Odemara» company is known for its high-level passanger vessels agency. Since this field has a specific nature and lots of issues to solve, we recommend you entrust such delicate business to our experienced experts.

Address our company and be assured of productive cooperation and most reasonable prices for all the range of services.

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