Services of the Transport and Forwarding Company“ODEMARA”

The Transport and Forwarding Company “ODEMARA”provides a full set of transportation and logistics services, namely:

Organization of cargo transshipment

The Company “ODEMARA”services on organization of grain, oily cargo and oils transshipment in Odessa, Yuzhne and Chornomorsk Ports both in shipload lots and containers.  We organize acceptance, accumulation and sending of your cargo on board of vessel of any size up to “PANAMAX” size on specialized terminals with issue of all accompanying documents.

Forwarding of all types of cargo

Forwarding is the most important part of cargo transportation, especially when concerning sea container sea container transportation, required for organization of the whole cargo delivery chain from the shipper to the consignee. For you we will select the most optimal transport and route for delivery of your cargo, prepare all required accompanying documentation, control fulfillment of warehouse services, storage mode and fulfillment of transportation conditions and also will settle all matters arising during transportation.

Agency for sea vessels

The original activity of the company “ODEMARA” was providing agency services to sea cargo and passenger vessels. Since 1992 till present the Company “ODEMARA” has been leader by quality of agency service and the number of processed vessels. Our branches are located in the ports of Odessa, Yuzhne, Chornomorsk and Mykolaiv. We have a close relationship with all departments involved in processing of the vessel, that gives us the opportunity to provide you with a quality agency service. We will calculate the cost of the call, inform you of all the rules and restrictions in force at the port and at the terminal, check the cargo readiness, and perform all necessary formalities associated with the call.

Vessels chartering

The Company “ODEMARA” will help you in case of need in chartering of tonnage for transportation of your cargo. In our personnel we have experience freight brokers knowing their job well and having a number of relationships on the international freight market that shall enable to settle the task set to us in the best way and to obtain the desired result.

Seamen employment

During the long years of its successful activity, the Company “ODEMARA” gained a large number of shipowners and also accumulated an impressive database of qualified seamen of various nationalities. We offer you our seamen employment services on terms beneficial for you.

Customs clearance

It is rather hard to understand the mass of continuously renewing bases of regulations within the scope of the tax legislation of Ukraine. That is why the customs brokers of the Company “ODEMARA” are ready to provide you with their services on protection of your interests at the customs office, organization and fulfillment of all formalities required for cargo customs clearance in Ukraine.

Sea container transportations

Transportation of cargo by sea in containers in most cases is the most economically reasonable way of transportation. Transportation and Forwarding Company “ODEMARA” is engaged inorganization and control over international sea cargo container transportation. We offer you the widest range of services including the cargo sea transportation schemes the most demanded nowadays and also the full set of accompanying services, including legal support, preparation of required documentation and broker’s services on cargo customs clearance.

Delivery of goods from China

Nowadays, transportation of cargo from China is a very relevant service of great demand. Transportation and Forwarding Company “ODEMARA” carries out delivery of cargo and goods from China. Transportation from China to Ukraine is carried out by sea transport from 36 ports of China to the port of Odessa, and then delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine – to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and other cities.

Cards delivery and customs clearance.

Many ones are interested in obtainment, delivery and customs clearance of cars from USA, Europe and Georgia. Nonetheless, there are mass of questions linked with purchase of a car from abroad that require special knowledge. The Company “ODEMARA” will provide you with professional services on delivery and customs clearance of cars from abroad and will also provide with proper consultation on any questions you will have.

Cargo insurance.

The Company “ODEMARA” offers a full range of services in the field of cargo transportation, including international cargo transportation insurance. For many years we have been working with different routes and types of cargo transportation. We will ensure fulfillment of all duties of the insurance company, such as compensation for damage in the event of force majeure circumstances.


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