Customs broker

Customs broker

Customs broker is a legal person, who implements the declaration of vehicles, goods and cargoes for relevant registration and supervening transport from Ukraine. For the implementation of operations for the declaration company ‘Odemara’ has relevant licensing for the brokers activity, got from executive responsibility, regulating in the area of customs activity

Brokers services

Transport- forwarding company ‘Odemara’ is necessary licensed for brokers activity and includes register of officially brokers of Ukraine.

Providing you brokers services, we guarantee to our clients (physical and legal person) a wide range of services, which include:

  • customs registration of permission documents to supervening transport of goods;
  • formation of EET contract
  • outsourcing
  • customs clearance of containers containing goods
  • transport arrived at their destination and elaboration of logistic schemes
  • brokers services in Kiev
  • legal support
  • consulting services

General characteristic of customs registration of cargoes

One of the key areas of transport-forwarding company ‘Odemara’ is representation of the interests of our clients and partners (physical and legal persons) on the customs. Our team consists of well experienced professionals, specializing in providing brokers services for participants of small, medium-sized and big business and prominent customers.

Trusting us, our clients can save valuable time and rid themselves of extra troubles. Professional customs broker for physical and legal persons has a great experience and knows some of the tricks of his trade, which let him, prevent mistakes in the registration of supervening documents necessary for cargo transport on import and export. Thereby, broker takes a role of mediator between customs authorities and sender, receiver or trusted cargo transporter. In addition cost of broker’s services could include extra services which connected with findings of experts and certificate of entitlement.

During the work with physical person or company we take full responsibility for your goods. Cost of our services is stated individually with every client.

Specific of brokers services in Kiev

Modern Ukrainian legislation, regulating work of detached customs branches is extremely complicated and ambiguous. So it is very complicated to figure up in the massive of regularly bases of legal instruments when you don’t have any profile education. That’s why almost every employer  taking the responsibility of registration of cargo in the customs, confronted by difficulties and obstacles, which presented in form of red tape and a lot of forms for their completion.

For avoiding delays and legal conflicts in the registration of cargo in the customs, we strongly recommend you to ask professionals help. Take advantage of by customs services in Kiev you can significantly accelerated customs clearance so you should use your legal rights for conducting business with subsequent producing a profit.

Transport- forwarding company “Odemara” is accepted leader of international transports in Ukraine. We provide complex services of professional customs brokers in Kiev today, including customs registration of goods, registration of proper documents and marine, air, rail and car transport.

You can calculate cost of our services if you contact our manager’s by following phone number or email:

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