Customs clearance and temporary importation of cars

Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine

In 2016, in Ukraine, a new law was issued, providing for lowering the excise rate for used cars imported to the territory of Ukraine from European countries. Expecting to win in the price of new preferential tariffs, Ukrainian drivers and second-hand dealers rushed to Europe to buy cars. What is the mechanism of the operation of this Law and has the excise tax really decreased? Let’s try to understand these nuances.

Tariffs and schemes for calculating the customs clearance of cars:

Indeed, the tariffs have significantly decreased. According to the current legislation, today when you import a car from abroad, the following rates apply:

Bets on cars with a gasoline engine:

  • for a 1-1.5 liter engine – 0.063 euros (instead of 1.275 euros);
  • for a 1.5-2.2-liter engine – 0.267 euros (instead of 1.723 euros);
  • for an engine of 2.2 liters-3 liters – 0.276 euros (instead of 2.452 euros);
  • for an engine with a volume of more than 3 liters – 2.209 euros (instead of 2.680 euros).

Bets on cars with diesel engine:

  • for engines up to 1.5 liters – 0,103 euros (instead of 1.367 euros);
  • for a 1.5-2.5-liter engine – 0.327 euros (instead of 1.923 euros);
  • for an engine larger than 2.5 liters – 2.209 euros (instead of 2.779 euros).

Now let’s try to determine how much you will be able to customs clearance of the purchased car in Ukraine.

So, the total amount of customs payments is calculated on the basis of accounting for several components: actually, the excise tax, 10% duty and 20% VAT. Consider the calculation scheme for the example: suppose you bought a car in Europe with a 1.5 liter engine. We multiply its 1500 liters at a rate of 0.103 euros, then from the received value, we deduct 10% duty. Total 500 euros. Already from this amount we calculate 20% VAT, and then we sum up the cost of the car in 5 thousand euros, 154.5 euros excise duty and a fee of 500 euros. As a result, we get an intermediate amount – 1130.9 euros. Now we put everything together and in the final we get the total payment amount for customs clearance of cars: 154.5 euros + 500 euros + 1130.90 euros = 1785.4 euros. It is the last amount you will have to pay to Ukraine when you import a car from Europe. The same scheme of calculations and when importing cars purchased in America. The only thing to consider in this option is the cost of transporting the vehicle from the US to Europe (by sea), and then land to Ukraine.

Nuances and limitations of customs clearance of cars

When buying a car in Europe with the subsequent customs clearance in Ukraine, it is necessary to consider the following points:

  • The car must be bought for you. Fortunately for the future owner, he does not need to travel outside Ukraine. You can apply to buyers who are engaged in buying and fitting cars from abroad. The buyer in the process of buying writes out the purchase directly to your name;
  • already on the purchased car you will have to cross the border line;
  • According to the norm of the law, the car purchased can not be sold within one year after purchase. the sale is still possible, but absolutely unprofitable. When selling a car earlier than a year after its purchase, you will have to pay the difference to the budget, based on the old fee;
  • no more than one car per year can be imported into Ukraine;
  • Import to Ukraine is subject to auto, manufactured not earlier than 2010.

Customs clearance of cars purchased in Germany

Today, for Ukrainian buyers, the most advantageous option for buying cars in Europe is the purchase of cars in Germany. Such a positive trend arose in connection with the peculiarities of the current German legislation, which provides quite severe liability for scammers, dishonest dealers and car dealers. So, administrative and criminal punishment is imposed on persons who provided false information about the technical condition of the car, and also those who spent for twisting the kilometrage on the speedometer and some other actions.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the highest quality of the German autobahns and city roads, which directly affects the condition of the car operated on the territory of this country.

Another important point: when buying a car from a German citizen, a German as a former car owner receives compensation from the state in the amount of 19% VAT. That is why the earnest Germans are pleased to go on sale of used cars for export. By selling your car to a foreigner, they easily make concessions and lower the price at bargaining.

For customs clearance of cars purchased in Germany, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • It is necessary to have an invoice (invoice) for the car purchased. It should include the price, VIN number of the car, information about the buyer and the seller;
  • in Ukraine, at the legislative level, double registration of road transport is prohibited. Therefore, when buying a car in Germany, be sure to remove it from registering with the police! After you pass this procedure, you will be issued a technical passport (small and large – a brief, TZ1, TZ2). Otherwise, at the Ukrainian customs you will not be able to go through the procedure for registering your purchase, and in addition, do not put the car on the account in the traffic police.

In order to save yourself from unnecessary troubles and problems when buying a car abroad, we recommend that you consult with our specialists. The information you receive will help you avoid complications and misunderstandings when filling out the necessary documentation.

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Customs clearance of a car from America

The Law on the Customs Clearance of Cars, which came into force, is valid until 2018 inclusive (namely, before the entry into force of the Euro-6 standard on Ukrainian territory). According to official statistics, today more than seven thousand cars have been imported and cleared to Ukraine.

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Temporary import of cars to Ukraine

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