Shipping agency

Agency of sea vessels

Initially, the main activity of transport-forwarding company “ODEMARA” was agency of sea vessels. Since 1992 to nowadays, “ODEMARA” company leading in quality agency service and quantity of processed vessels, the reason is high level of “ODEMARA” company staff professionalism, their long-term experience and comprehensive approach to the performance of their duties. For 25 years of work in international market of transport and logistics services, “ODEMARA” created for itself the high-class agent reputation to whom the world’s largest shipowners and charterers trust the agency of their ships.

Agency of cargo vessels

“ODEMARA” company provides agency of sea vessels services in port of Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhne and Nikolayev. High efficiency of company ensured by long-term experience of its employees and reliable business relationships with our partners, government services, as well as other organizations and departments.

           The main services in the agency of sea vessels are:

  • calculation of preliminary disbursement, informing shipowners and charterers about the rules in this port, mandatory regulations or their changes;
  • checking of cargo readiness and cargo orders or orders for unloading, the coordination of the order of the setting for the berth;
  • performance of all formalities and requirements related to the arrival of the vessel, including border, customs and sanitary inspections;
  • prepayment of invoices issued by ports and services;
  • organization of escort, towing and mooring operations;
  • coordination of ship loading plans between the ship’s administration, port and forwarders;
  • assistance in the organization and completing of cargo operations;
  • protecting the interests of the shipowner and charterer;
  • informing the shipowner about the arrival and departure of the vessel, the progress of cargo and support operations, as well as other essential circumstances related to the stay of the vessel in the port;
  • preparation and execution of cargo documents, certificates;
  • completing the orders of the master and the shipowner related to the supply of the vessel with fuel, food, water, materials; completing of Register works; changing crew, providing medical assistance, visiting the ship by the representatives of the shipowner and the charterer;
  • completing of individual orders of the master, shipowner;
  • verification and payment of all final accounts for the ship at the expense of the shipowner.

Agency services for passenger ships

Forwarding Company “ODEMARA” in addition to the agency of cargo ships, is known as an agent for passenger transportation.

We are the ship agents of such well-known companies as P & O Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Cristal Cruises, Royal Olympic Cruise, etc.

The agency of passenger ships is a very sensitive question and the largest operators of passenger transportation have entrusted this decision to us, as “ODEMARA” company has established close relations with all departments and services of ports, has professional workers in its staff and always performs its duties on efficient servicing of vessels at the highest level.

We invite shipowners and charterers for joint mutually beneficial cooperation.

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