Certification of cars in Ukraine

сертификация авто в украине

Car certification in Ukraine – the main stages

Vehicle certification is one of the main and mandatory steps for those who want to legally import a car from another country and officially register it in Ukraine. Without checking for compliance with state standards and requirements, registering a car in our country will fail.

Why is it necessary to issue certificates for a vehicle?

Registration of a package of documents for a car that is imported into Ukraine from another country is necessary for the following reasons:

  • to document the country of origin of the vehicle;
  • for subsequent registration of the car, assigning a license plate and entering the database;
  • to confirm the vehicle’s compliance with the regulations and standards established in Ukraine;
  • to guarantee the safety of the use of imported cars;
  • to get complete information about all the features of the car.

To draw up these documents, you will have to do a number of actions and visit various authorities. But you can save time and keep your nerves by entrusting registration to professionals.

With many years of experience, the freight forwarding company «ОДЕМАРА» provides car certification services in Ukraine. Skilled and responsible specialists of the company will ensure timely receipt of documents.

We are engaged in the processing of customs documents for all types of transport – cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, trailers and special vehicles.

Certificate Processing Procedure

Certification includes several steps:

  1. Submit an application to the certification service. To do this, you need to fill out special forms and provide copies of the following documents: a sales contract or any other document confirming the legality of the purchase of the car; technical passport of the vehicle; passport and individual identification number of the new owner of the car.
    It is very important to make everything correctly and not to miss anything. Data errors in special forms, an empty field or lack of additional information may result in a certificate being refused. Then you have to start the whole troublesome process from the beginning.
  2. Within the statutory deadlines, the certificate authorities check the correctness of the application and other documents.
  3. The next stage is a test of the vehicle’s technical capabilities.
  4. Further, experts thoroughly analyze the data and determine whether the vehicle meets the established safety standards.
  5. Depending on the verdict of the experts, the applicant receives a registered certificate or is refused to issue it for good reason.

For quick certification of cars from the United States, Germany, Poland and other countries, please contact our company ODEMARA. We provide the registration of certificates of cars for personal use and for legal entities with possible serial deliveries of cars.

Our brokers ensure the processing of all necessary documents and their timely submission to government bodies to obtain a certificate in short terms and for reasonable price.

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