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What containers can be

Container transportation is a convenient way to deliver large consignments of goods to any country. Unlike other types of shipping containers, the container reliably protects the cargo and allows you to transport goods of standard and non-standard sizes. Choosing to transport goods by sea by a reliable company, you can be sure you get your cargo safe and sound. The choice of shipping containers and their characteristics affect the safety of the cargo and the quality of transportation.

Benefits of container transportation

  • Goods protection. In addition to reliable walls and roof, the container is well ventilated and allows maintaining an optimal climate regime.
  • Protection of cargo from deformation, precipitation and sea spray.
  • Transportation of all groups of goods. Secure fixation.
  • Reducing the time of loading and unloading operations.

Few people know the size of the containers and what they are used for. We will cover each type in detail. Most often, goods are transported in 20 and 40 feet containers.

Dimensions of containers

  • 20-feet container. Is a general shipping container. Completely closed, has rigid side walls and end walls. It is waterproof and dustproof. Manufactured on a steel frame made of profiled metal sheets (3mm). Floor is wooden flooring. Container has double doors with locking system.

External dimensions:

Length – 6,06 м;

Width – 2.44 м;

Height – 2.60 м;

Inner dimensions:

Length – 5.90;

Width – 2.35;

Height – 2.39;

The weight of the sea container is about 30 tons. Optimal for the transportation of small cargo and piece goods. The internal capacity is 33 cubic meters.

  • 40-feet container has standard size. The shipping container is completely closed, preventing the ingress of dust and moisture. Has a hard roof and side walls. The container is used for the transportation of oversized cargo and bulky goods.

External parameters of a 40-feet container:

Length – 12.19;

Width – 2.49;

Height – 2.59;

Internal dimensions:

Length – 12.02;

Width – 2.35;

Height – 2.39;

Weight – 3.9 tons, volume (capacity) – 67.7 cubic meters.

Knowing the approximate dimensions of sea containers and the maximum capacity, you can easily decide on the best option. The specialists of the Odemara company will help you to solve your logistic problems and to choose the optimal shipping container and organize delivery by sea.


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