Customs clearance of the goods from China in Ukraine

Растаможка товаров из Китая в Украине – основные этапы

Year after year, goods from China are constantly moving to Ukraine. The volume of Chinese imports is comparable only with supplies from Europe. Therefore, the details of the procedure for customs clearance of Chinese goods cause increased interest among Ukrainian importers.

Engaging in foreign economic activity and delivering goods from abroad requires some knowledge of the law and compliance with certain rules. Only a specialist who works in this field of activity can understand all the subtleties and intricacies of periodically changing laws. Therefore, professional brokers should be involved in customs clearance of goods imported to Ukraine. Nevertheless, it is useful for an entrepreneur to know what stages the process of customs clearance of goods from the Celestial Empire consists of.

Documents First

The presence of all necessary documents and their proper execution is crucial for the successful passage of customs clearance. The list of required documents includes:

  • Accreditation card confirming that the importer has a permit for foreign economic activity;
  • Cooperation agreement with a Chinese supplier company, which should contain all the annexes and additions;
  • Packing List of goods sent, their quantity, weight, type of packaging;
  • Certificates of origin and product quality;
  • Logistics documents – consignment notes, invoice, CMR and others;
  • Export declaration issued and provided by the consignor;
  • Documents from the recipient of the goods confirming its payment.

What will you have to pay for?

Certain payments must be made to clear goods brought from China:

  1. Import duty. Its value depends on the type of product, which is determined by a special code assigned to each specific product. Determining the correct product code is quite difficult, so it’s better to entrust it to specialists;
  2. Value added tax, the amount of which is easy to calculate, it is 20% of the total value of the cargo.

In what cases imported goods from China are not subject to duty and customs dues:

  • The cost of goods does not exceed $ 200.
  • Items are imported for personal use by non-residents of Ukraine.
  • Import of property for permanent residence in Ukraine.
  • Documented awards, prizes, inheritance.

Customs clearance is possible to speed up!

The fact that the flow of goods from China to Ukraine has significant volumes does not mean simplification of the customs clearance procedure. To import Chinese products to our country, you need to understand the laws, have some experience in customs operations and take into account a number of nuances. Mistakes in this activity can sometimes be very expensive. In order not to get confused in all the complexities of the import and customs process, a reasonable solution would be to contact the brokerage company specialists.

We are always ready to provide Ukrainian entrepreneurs with qualified assistance in customs clearance of imported goods. Our customers can be sure that we will complete the task quickly and efficiently.

Our company has many years of successful experience. Clients trust us, and we always live up to their expectations. It is convenient, reliable and profitable with us!


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