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Customs clearance of goods in Ukraine. The «Odemara» company

Freight forwarding company «Odemara» carries out customs clearance of goods crossing the border of Ukraine. We provide services to small and large enterprises involved in the import and export of goods. Cooperation with us choose those customers for whom timely customs clearance and qualified service by experienced customs brokers is important.

Professional clearance of goods in Ukraine

The Odemara company has been operating in this field for more than a quarter of a century. We provide a full range of customs services that are fully adapted to the needs of each individual client. Our qualified specialists have the experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality services. We conduct customs clearance for logistics, trading and manufacturing companies. We are also engaged in business consulting and mediation in all custom house formalities.

Our main scopes of activity are:

  • Customs clearance of goods in Ukraine, including the preparation of documents in accordance with the requirements of the customs authorities.
  • Consulting in the field of foreign trade, optimizing the effectiveness of orders and customs clearance in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

Why «Odemara»?

Cooperation with our company gives customers a number of advantages:

  • The clearance of the cargo without delay. You don’t have to pay extra money for storing your goods in the warehouse. If you have a full package of documents, the customs clearance procedure is possible on the day the customer contacts our company.
  • The opportunity to get comprehensive service. You can order the passage of the entire supply chain, for example, delivery and customs clearance of goods from China.
  • Acceptable prices. Compare the cost of our services with competitors to ensure the benefits of cooperation.

How to order customs clearance of goods in Ukraine?

The «Odemara» company recommends concluding a cooperation agreement in advance, even before purchasing a consignment of goods abroad. We will check whether it is worth importing goods from this country. Some goods imported to Ukraine are subject to an anti-dumping duty, which makes a commercial operation unprofitable.

For customs clearance you will need:

  • Certificates and Permits

We check which laws of Ukraine the imported product falls under and what certificates and permits must be obtained for customs clearance. Many importers learn about the need to provide certain documents already during the customs clearance of the arrived cargo. Then the goods remain in the temporary storage warehouse until they can get the necessary certificate. As a result, the entrepreneur incurs additional storage expenses.

  • Standard document package

In addition to the certificates required for product access to the Ukrainian market, customs clearance requires standard commercial documents:

– Bill of lading or airway bill.

– Commercial invoice.

– Packing list.

To learn more about the procedure for customs clearance of the goods you import, please contact our employees. You can make a phone call or send a message using the feedback form.


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