Customs clearance of an electric car in Ukraine

Растаможка электроавтомобилей в Украине

Until recently, electric cars were a rarity on the roads of Ukraine. However, high quality and economical operation make this type of vehicle increasingly popular. It is best to buy them abroad. In order for customs clearance of an electric car in Ukraine to be carried out according to the rules, you will need the help of a professional broker. High-class specialists provided by our company will draw up documents as soon as possible and at a reasonable price.

Features of customs clearance of electric cars in Ukraine

The procedure of registering electric vehicles imported to Ukraine is easier than clearing vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Electric vehicle owners are exempt from import duties, excise duties and value added tax, which are paid by those who import gasoline and diesel cars. This means that financial costs and the time required to complete a preliminary declaration are reduced.

Those who plan to purchase an electric car and bring it to Ukraine will not have to document the compliance of the vehicle with European ecological standards. After all, every electric car is safe for the environment by default.

Where is it better to purchase an electric car for subsequent import to Ukraine?

A car equipped with an electric engine can be purchased in one of the European countries. However, it is best to do this in the USA. America has the largest selection of new and used electric vehicles. In addition, you can buy them there at a very favorable price. It is no coincidence that according to statistics electric vehicles are most often imported to Ukraine from the United States.

You can buy a used electric car at one of the many auctions that are often held in America. An electric vehicle in good condition will cost about 30-35% cheaper than the market price.

What you need to know about the import of electric cars to Ukraine

In order to avoid problems with the registration of electric vehicles in Ukraine, its purchase should be properly executed. Then customs clearance of an electric car will not take much time.

Doubts about the legality of the purchase will not arise if the vehicle is purchased from an authorized dealer or at a verified auction. After removing the electric car from the register, it is necessary to issue transit numbers and temporary insurance.

Be sure to keep all payment documents. They will be required for customs clearance of the electric vehicle in Ukraine.

What documents are required to clear the electric car?

In order to import an electric car to Ukraine and to clear it up, the following documents are required (originals and copies):

  • domestic and international passports of the Ukrainian owner of the electric car;
  • the owner’s individual identification number;
  • contract of sale or donation, invoice;
  • customs declaration (two copies);
  • a temporary insurance policy issued at the time of purchase;
  • passport of the technical condition of the electric car.

Our professional broker will help not only to collect a complete package of documents, but also to fill them out correctly. This will speed up the registration process, which is necessary for the full operation of an electric car in Ukraine.


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