Customs clearance of a car imported to Ukraine from Lithuania

оформление авто из литвы

After the adoption of the new tax law, which significantly simplified the taxation of cars imported into Ukraine, the situation in the auto market revived. In particular, Ukrainians began to show interest in used cars from Lithuania. There are two main reasons for this.

First, Lithuania is a neighboring country with which Ukraine has a common history and long-standing ties.

Secondly, in Lithuania you can buy a used car in good condition inexpensively.

Purchasing a car in this country can save money significantly. And the whole process from purchase to customs clearance will not take much time if you know what and how to do it.

Some features of buying a car in Lithuania.

Cars from Lithuania are imported into Ukraine in accordance with Law No. 8487/8488. But there are some nuances that should be paid special attention to.

  • The car purchased abroad must be removed from registration in the country where it was registered. It is important not to forget to get a document confirming the removal of the car from the register.
  • Be sure to require a document that confirms the legality of the purchase.
  • Also, when crossing the border, you must pay some taxes, fees and duties.

How much do you have to pay?

To legally use a car from Lithuania in Ukraine, it is necessary to comply with all legal procedures when importing it. In addition to the registration of mandatory documents, you need to pay certain amounts of money:

  • State dues. Its size is 10% of the declared cost of the vehicle;
  • Excise duty. It is calculated specifically for each individual car according to a special formula, taking into account the type of engine, manufacturer, year of production and other parameters;
  • Value-added tax. This is 20% of the declared cost of the car.

Is it possible to do without customs?

Our brokerage agency offers its clients such an action plan.
You contact us and let us know what type and brand of car you need, as well as what limit amount you are willing to pay for it. Other parameters can be specified in advance, such as the desired color. When all these issues are discussed, we can sign the agreement on our cooperation. Our company will take care of all further concerns regarding paperwork and car delivery. You will not need to study all the details of customs clearance and spend time on this procedure. Our specialists will do everything for you.

Why is it profitable for you to cooperate with us?

Our brokerage company has been operating successfully for more than 10 years.
Experienced professionals know exactly how to act in any difficult situations.
Attractive conditions for each client.

In addition, we can offer our clients other services:

  • advice on various issues, including the choice of vehicle;
  • most profitable purchase option help in finding the;
  • analysis of the offer of interest to the client;
  • prepare the documents necessary for the purchase of cars with a guarantee of their correct registration;
  • conducting negotiations with the seller;
  • assessment of the ratio of technical condition to the stated value of the vehicle;
  • delivery and transfer of the vehicle to the new owner.

We do not claim to provide services for free, but we guarantee a good result and significant cost savings. Clients trust us, and we try to justify their trust.
Put your worries on us!

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