Customs clearance of cars from England

Растаможка авто из Англии

Nowadays it is economically unprofitable to buy a used car in Ukraine. As a rule, the car goes on sale in poor technical condition, while the price remains high. An increasing number of Ukrainians are inclined to bring in and clear cars from England, and here are some reasons for that:

  • Cars in England are cheaper. Plants regularly produce thousands of new models, which automatically reduces the price of a used car. Buying a car abroad is not a large-scale event but an everyday occurrence. After all, a car is only a means of transportation, not a luxury. An average Englishman changes a car every 5 years, so at the auction you can find an acceptable option for any budget.
  • Excellent technical condition. Cars drive on a flat road surface and regularly undergo technical inspections with the replacement of components, oil and filters. That is why the engine and chassis remain in good technical condition.
  • A large catalogue of models of different years of issue, engine capacity, in various conditions. At an auction you can buy a car in perfect condition or with minor malfunctions that can be easily fixed.

If you want to buy a high-quality and inexpensive car, we suggest choosing the best option and calculating the cost of the car and all additional payments.

Our website offers a convenient calculator for calculating payments online

How to customs clear a car from England

The company «Odemara» offers customs clearance of cars from England with delivery to any location in Ukraine. The company’s specialists are aware of the latest amendments to the law, ransom rules and customs work.

This helps to do the job correctly and competently

The client is also given the opportunity to calculate the cost of customs clearance, as well as find out the approximate day and time of arrival.

Stages of cooperation:

  1. We help a client to choose the best option according to his budget and wishes;
  2. We evaluate the condition of the car, check it up on the database, participate in the auction;
  3. We organize delivery to the port of destination, payment of customs and excise duties, obtaining a full package of documents;
  4. We help to customs clear a car and draw up a package of documents for free exploitation on the territory of Ukraine.

Trust professionals and order customs clearance of a car from England in the «Odemara» company.


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