Container sizes


What containers can be Container transportation is a convenient way to deliver large consignments of goods to any country. Unlike other types of shipping containers, the container reliably protects the Read More

Customs cargo declaration

Грузовая таможенная декларация

Cargo customs declaration – registration and filing rules International trade is developing steadily – every day tens of thousands of different goods pass through the customs authorities of Ukraine, and Read More

Foreign economic contract

Внешнеэкономический контракт

Conclusion of foreign economic agreement in Ukraine When making a international trade transactions you cannot avoid paperwork. An oral agreement does not have any legal validity and in case of Read More

Delivery of containers from India

Доставка контейнеров из Индии

The international trade market is rapidly developing and it has become necessary to deliver goods by sea. If you need to deliver the goods efficiently and quickly, we recommend you Read More

Delivery of goods from South Korea

Доставка грузов из Южной Кореи

Nowadays, when world trade is rapidly developing, Asian countries produce many useful products – valuable natural oils, cosmetics, drugs, and household appliances. They are not produced in any other country Read More

Certification of cars in Ukraine

сертификация авто в украине

Car certification in Ukraine – the main stages Vehicle certification is one of the main and mandatory steps for those who want to legally import a car from another country Read More

Customs clearance of import in Ukraine

таможенное оформление импорта

The procedure for processing goods that are imported to Ukraine requires importers to perform certain actions and pay mandatory taxes. The «ODEMARA» company provides its clients with services in full Read More

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