Container shipping in Ukraine

When transporting containers used special equipment for the delivery of goods, baggage and any other things from the sender to the recipient. And also, this method of shipping allows you Read More

International transport company “ODEMARA”

International carriage of goods recently began to rapidly gain momentum. Every large company or enterprise uses transport services. Thanks to them, you can find new markets, buy high-quality certified products Read More

How to make a temporary importation of a car in Ukraine

In the period from 2016 to 2018, more than 2 million vehicles with foreign registration were imported to Ukraine for temporary use. Today in the country there are approximately more Read More

Customs clearance of goods, customs clearance of goods in Ukraine, Odessa, Kiev

Customs clearance of goods is a mandatory procedure during the carriage of any cargo through the customs. It consists of a large number of stages, among which the registration of Read More

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