Customs clearance of a car from the USA


Until recently, the import of cars from the USA to Ukraine was considered difficult, expensive and unprofitable. But now the number of cars that are brought from America is growing steadily. The reasons for Ukrainians’ interest in American cars lie in the wide variety of assortment, solid equipment and interesting design. A number of U.S. models of cars do not have a decent analogue among European and Asian cars.

To avoid problems when importing and clearing cars from the United States, you should familiarize yourself with some practical recommendations and a list of documents required for registration.

Practical recommendations

The procedure of importing a car purchased in the U.S. to Ukraine is regulated by law No. 2611-VIII of 11/08/18. Import does not have to be done by the future owner of the vehicle. Acceptable is the import of a car by proxy.

Under current law, a Ukrainian citizen can import one car at a preferential excise tax without the right to sell it for 12 months. The benefits apply only to vehicles that are imported for personal use. In the United States, auctions are often held to sell cars seized for debts, as well as vehicles with various damages that the Americans do not consider necessary to repair and sell relatively cheaply.

Before buying a used car, make sure that it meets European environmental standards of at least Euro-2. Otherwise, it cannot be brought to Ukraine. You can verify compliance with environmental requirements by sending documents to a certification expert.

List of required documents

To import a car from the United States, it is not enough to buy it at one of the auctions and pay the shipping cost. The process of customs clearance when importing to Ukraine can be very troublesome. In order for the customs clearance to pass with minimal loss of money and time, you need to prepare all the necessary documents:

  • Identity card. For a citizen of Ukraine it is an internal passport. The copy should include a page showing the place of residence.
  • Individual identification number of the future owner of the vehicle.
  • The invoice, which contains a description of the vehicle, indicates its value, as well as information about the seller and the buyer.
  • Documents from the bank confirming the payment of all mandatory customs payments.
  • Title, a document certifying ownership of the car.
  • Bill of lading issued to the car owner by the carrier. The bill confirms that the goods were received by the transport company. Also it summarizes the terms of the contract of carriage.
  • Certificate on the compliance of the vehicle with European environmental standards.
  • An agreement with a brokerage company. According to the current ukrainian legislation, the owner of the imported car has no right to independently engage in its customs clearance. He must use the services of a customs broker. The broker can conduct the case at customs only after presenting an agreement concluded with the car owner.
  • A document on the physical inspection of the vehicle. The broker draws up the document after unloading the car from the container in which the delivery from the United States was carried out.
  • Certificate of transportation costs. It can be obtained from the forwarding and transport company.
  • Evaluation document. To obtain it, the vehicle owner or representative of a brokerage company turns to a professional appraiser.

The owner of a vehicle brought to Ukraine from the United States should know that it can be picked up from the port only after completing the customs declaration. Documents to the owner of the car passes the broker engaged in customs clearance.

Knowing what is required for the customs clearance of a car in Ukraine, you will be able to prepare in advance for this procedure and collect the necessary papers. The choice of a good broker is also important. Use the services of our company, and you will have no problems with customs clearance of a car from the USA.


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