How to calculate the cost of car clearance in Ukraine

Растаможка товаров из Китая в Украине

The import of vehicles from other countries to Ukraine over the past few years has become very popular.

This can be partly explained by the need for better cars to replace those that drivе now on Ukrainian roads. But the main reason is that the current law on importing cars into Ukraine sets more attractive excise duty rates. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Obligatory payments

Customs clearance of a car in Ukraine is possible only after paying some mandatory payments:

  • Import duty. Its size is the same for all modes of transport and equals 10% of the declared cost. An exception is the import of diesel buses capable of carrying more than 10 people. In this case, 20% of the cost of the vehicle is charged. New passenger cars with an engine of more than 3 liters are subject to a 5% duty. And electric cars are completely exempt from import duties;
  • Excise duty. Its amount is calculated for each particular car separately. The calculation formula takes into account the type of vehicle, the type and capacity of the engine, the age of the car and other parameters. Those who bought an electric car abroad do not pay the excise duty;
  • Value added tax. Its size is known to everyone and is 20%. And again, those citizens of Ukraine who bought an electric car are lucky, because until 2022 inclusive they do not pay VAT;
  • Customs payments. They are determined by the relevant law and have fixed amounts.

What does the law say?

The current rules of customs clearance are set out in laws No. 8487 and 8488. These laws amend the Tax Code regarding the taxation of imported vehicles. The introduction of new rules and tax rates for importing cars has created a more favorable situation for buyers. The paperwork process has also been simplified.

The law provides benefits for customs clearance of cars in Ukraine. The established rules are beneficial primarily to those who buy cars whose age is less than 10 years. The maximum benefits were received by buyers of electric cars, which are almost completely exempt from paying various taxes and fees.

What is included in the mandatory document package?

To import into Ukraine bought abroad car, in addition to paying taxes and duties, you must have all the documents necessary for customs clearance. These include the following:

  1. main and transit technical passport of the vehicle;
  2. document confirming the fact of legal purchase of a vehicle;
  3. manufacturer’s certificate, which indicates the basic data of the car — the year of production, eco-standard, country-producer;
  4. a copy of the declaration that is issued when the car is taken out of the country where it was purchased;
  5. a document confirming the full payment for the purchase of the vehicle;
  6. photocopy of the buyer’s passport;
  7. copy of the buyer’s individual identification number and its original (only for presentation).

If a car is driven by a third party, you need his passport and power of attorney for the car.

Calculating the cost of customs clearance

It is very difficult to independently calculate the cost of customs clearance of a car and complete the entire procedure. But you can simplify your life and entrust this difficult task to the experienced specialists of our brokerage firm. Our employees know all the intricacies of customs legislation and will help you to make clearance of the car and calculate its cost.

In addition, we are ready to expertly advise you on the topic of importing cars to Ukraine. You will get exhaustive answers to all your questions.

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