International transport company “ODEMARA”

Международная транспортная компания «ODEMARA»

International carriage of goods recently began to rapidly gain momentum. Every large company or enterprise uses transport services. Thanks to them, you can find new markets, buy high-quality certified products outside the country and discover something new and unknown for you and your customers. But the quality of transport companies pleases far from always, as it often happens that they do not take responsibility and do their work at a very low level.

But you need to understand that choosing the right transport and logistics company is the main key to success. After all, it is very important, first of all, to deliver the goods in one piece, intact and in the shortest possible time. There are several options for freight (rail, road, sea and air transportation). The difference between them in terms of delivery to the destination and, of course, in the price.

Our company will help you deliver the right product from anywhere in the world in complete safety and integrity.

About company

The transport company Odemara has been working in the transport and logistics field for many years and has established itself only from the best sides. Over the years, we have successfully completed over 1,000 orders and satisfied hundreds of customers.

We conclude contracts directly with the railways throughout Ukraine and abroad, we provide a full list of cargo transportation services in our and many other countries of the world. We always fulfill our responsibilities, and we carry out transport forwarding only at a high professional level.

Services we provide:

The freight forwarding organization Odemara provides a huge range of services. Both for clients and employment. Among them:

  • Transportation of goods.
  • Customs clearance documents.
  • Employment of seamen on the vessel.
  • Customs clearance of cars and their transportation.
  • Cargo handling.
  • Insurance delivered products.
  • Delivery of goods from China.
  • Chartering of sea vessels.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  1. We develop optimal routes and delivery methods (our logisticians for each client will develop the most optimal route and delivery method).
  2. The best prices for everyone.
  3. We have everything documented, and we give a full guarantee on the safety of transactions and delivery of goods safe and sound.
  4. Our company employs experienced managers and logisticians with special-higher education.
    Fast delivery times.
  5. Companies like ours, a huge amount. But not everyone can guarantee you real quality.

Shipping is a very common type of business today. There are a lot of companies, but not every one provides proper maintenance. Turning to us, you will undoubtedly stay with us for a long time, as all clients become permanent in the future. For any questions, call us at the numbers listed on the site, or fill out the feedback form. Our managers will advise you on any questions.

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