How to make a temporary importation of a car in Ukraine

In the period from 2016 to 2018, more than 2 million vehicles with foreign registration were imported to Ukraine for temporary use. Today in the country there are approximately more than 300 thousand such cars. It is much more profitable to buy a car in Poland, in Lithuania or in other European countries, since the prices there are much lower. It happens that buying a new car on “Euroblach” is cheaper than buying the same used car in Ukraine. Thus, it will be easier for any Ukrainians to buy a car in Poland for $ 3,000 than a similar car for $ 6,000 in their own country. A big disadvantage of buying a car in foreign rooms will be customs clearance, which is very expensive (sometimes 10 times more expensive than it would cost in Poland). In order not to pay for customs clearance and buy a car cheaply, there are different schemes.

Cars from Poland with the right to travel around Ukraine can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Buy an already fitted car, which is located on the territory of Ukraine. This can be done at any auto market or find an ad on the Internet. Only the owner will need to re-search the border at least once a year.
  2. You can buy a car with the help of foreign companies. That is, you can buy your own car in Poland and draw up documents through a foreign company that will help you with everything. In this case, it is allowed to drive a car in Ukraine with the condition that it will be necessary to cross the border also at least once a year.
  3. It is also possible to make a temporary importation of cars in Ukraine resident. This means that the owner transports the vehicle across the border in transit mode. But the big disadvantage of this method is that the machine can be located on the territory of Ukraine for no more than 10 days. Next, the car must be transferred again across any border.
  4. There is a scheme of buying a car in foreign numbers “on a camel.” In this way, the car will be registered to the owner from Poland, who will give you a power of attorney to drive this car. Thus, you will not be the owner of the car, but will only use it by proxy. This method is not 100% reliable.

Most prefer to buy an already-fitted car or buy a car with the help of foreign companies.

How much does it cost to clear a car in Ukraine?

July 11, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine introduced new bills, for which the auto excise tax in Ukraine will cost at new prices:

  • 50 euros for a car with an engine of 1000 on gasoline;
  • 75 euros for a car with a 1000 engine on diesel;
  • 1 euro for 1 kW of battery capacity for electric cars;
  • 100 euros for a hybrid car;

Previously, the cost was determined by the formula which took into account the country, volume and type of engine, price abroad and age of the car.

The total cost of customs clearance of a car takes into account the import duty (10% of the cost of the car), excise tax and VAT (20% of the import duty and excise tax). In addition, the cost of the car includes insurance.

Thus, you can buy a car in foreign numbers without spending money on customs clearance, but after the introduction of the draft law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on July 11, 2018, it will become much easier to clear the car.

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