Customs cargo declaration

Грузовая таможенная декларация

Cargo customs declaration – registration and filing rules

International trade is developing steadily – every day tens of thousands of different goods pass through the customs authorities of Ukraine, and are to be declared.

What is a customs cargo declaration

CCD is a document that is submitted to a government agency. It is a written application in the prescribed form. Customs declaration contains information on goods and vehicles crossing the border of Ukraine. The document is required for customs control and statistics registration, calculation of taxes and fees, as well as for other payments.

CD is drawn up by a broker or declarant either by hand or electronically. Having experience working with government agencies, the broker knows how to fill out the document and process the cargo properly.

Features of the customs declaration

  • CD applies to a shipment, the value of which does not exceed 100 euros.
  • Consists of 4 folded sheets. The first is for the customs clearance department, the second for the statistics department, the third for the shipper of the goods, the fourth is necessary for export and follows the cargo.

In certain cases customs authorities may refuse to accept the declaration and to clear the cargo.

In what cases the cargo customs declaration in Ukraine is not accepted:

  • Customs authority was provided with incomplete package of documents;
  • The declaration was submitted violating the requirements of the Customs Code;
  • Inconsistency of the list of information defined in the instructions on how to fill in the CD;
  • The CCD does not contain the mandatory details established by law;
  • The document is filled in with corrections, except for changes and additions that were made in accordance with the established procedure.

The paperwork ends with the official’s seal on all sheets. In the electronic version, the authority makes notes.

If you want to clear the goods through customs quickly and correctly, entrust the filing of the application and other documents to «Odemara» company’s brokers. Processing cargo customs declarations is our daily work. Our experts know how various groups of goods are processed, they do not make mistakes, and they speed up the customs clearance process. We are ready to help or advise on any issues of interest.


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