Delivery of goods from South Korea

Доставка грузов из Южной Кореи

Nowadays, when world trade is rapidly developing, Asian countries produce many useful products – valuable natural oils, cosmetics, drugs, and household appliances. They are not produced in any other country in the world, and they are inexpensive to purchase. That is why large-scale import becomes necessary.

If you are engaged in entrepreneurial activities and are looking for a reliable company for the goods transportation, «Odemara» will offer its services to everyone.

The «Odemara» company specializes in the delivery of goods from Korea on a turnkey basis.

A customer does not have to worry about the formalities and thousands of issues that are quickly and confidently resolved by our logisticians, brokers and lawyers.

We are engaged in the delivery of goods from South Korea on a turnkey basis.

We guarantee strict control over transportation. We are responsible for the safety and quality of cargo, we monitor the correctness of transportation, the commodity neighborhood and the paperwork.

Advantages of cooperation with an organization that does customs clearance of goods from South Korea

When choosing an organization that is engaged in shipping and delivery of goods, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the specifics of cooperation and note the advantages.

  • Affordable prices for all services. We know how to deliver goods from Korea to Ukraine along a safe and cost-effective route. Long-term work in the field of cargo transportation has made it possible to develop the shortest and safest routes for cargo transportation.
  • Quality assurance. We strictly observe the commodity neighborhood, securely fix the shipping container, select the container according to the characteristics of the cargo and terms of implementation.
  • Loading and unloading in the port in compliance with all regulations and using necessary equipment.
  • Full clearance of cargo at the border, payment of all customs duties, obtaining permitting documentation.
  • Transparent collaboration. We draw up a contract and prescribe the terms of cooperation.
  • Affordable transportation cost. Use our convenient calculator that will help you calculate the cost of delivery, payments and the work of a customs broker.

Professional delivery of goods from South Korea by «Odemara» company will allow you to receive the goods within the agreed time frame and without risks.

Trust the professionals and don’t overpay to intermediaries.

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