Customs clearance of a motorcycle, ATV and motorcycles in Ukraine

Растаможка мотоцикла, квадроцикла и мототехники в Украине

The acquisition of a moped, motorcycle, quad bike, motor scooter abroad is associated with the procedure for customs clearance of such transport. There are certain nuances of the procedure, depending on the type of motor vehicle.

What is the difference between them?

Mopeds belong to two-wheeled vehicles, they have motors up to 50 cm3, can move on common roads.

The scooters (motor scooters) include two-wheeled vehicles with a stand to accommodate the legs – a special platform. The engine is located under the seat.

Motorcycles are considered two-wheeled vehicles, the volume of the motor is 50 cm3, purpose – the movement of common roads.

Four-wheeled vehicles used for driving off-road, on uncultivated terrain, roads of general purpose are called quad bikes. Their customs clearance is different from the passage of customs registration other types of vehicles. For quad bikes, a procedure applies to passenger cars.

Customs clearance – duties, fees

This transport is customs clearance with the introduction of duties, excise, tax transfers, bank fees, fees for the certificate.

The action of the standard EURO 5

The list of vehicles stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine concerning the customs clearance of the above vehicles does not contain data on the need for them to comply with EURO 5.

There is a special organization – Euroassociation. To drive a vehicle through it is more profitable. It is possible to clarify information on costs, rates, calculations, to get acquainted with the list of countries that are members of the Euro Association through a customs broker. Today, the effect of reduced duties is applied, it is predicted that after 2-3 years, the taxes applied in the customs clearance of two-wheeled vehicles imported from the EU will be completely abolished.

Motorcycles equipped with electric motors – benefits

Customs clearance of a motorcycle in Ukraine, working from an electric motor does not provide benefits. They apply only to electric cars. There is no difference what power the electric car has – a fixed excise tax is applied to these vehicles – 109 euros.

Options for self-calculation services for customs clearance

The use of various calculators, tables for independent calculations allows you to determine the approximate figures. It is better to take the help of professionals – contact the customs brokers. They are guaranteed to accurately determine the cost of customs clearance of a motorcycle, what will be the cost of a visa, delivery, certificates.

Where is it better to import used motorcycles for customs clearance in Ukraine?

Motorcycles with an average cost are the easiest to buy in Poland. The trip takes a minimum of time: about 6.00 am the Intercity train leaves Kiev, arriving at the Przemysl station by about 13.00.

Online resources for the sale of used motorcycles in Poland

The most popular are autos:

  • moto. gratka pl
  • ottomo. pl;
  • olx. pl;

Purchase – Germany, customs clearance – Ukraine

The easiest way to find motorcycles in Germany is to use the site Here is a wide range of vehicle data. For the trip, it is desirable to use the services of low-cost low-cost. Bus rides are extremely long and tedious. By plane you can get to Germany in a couple of hours.

Documents for customs clearance in Ukraine of motor vehicles imported from Europe:

  1. technical passport on the vehicle;
  2. contract confirming the legality of the purchase;
  3. Ukrainian ID;
  4. individual identification number;
  5. Agreement concluded with a customs broker;
  6. PD, Customs Declaration (which is handled by a customs broker);
  7. Certificate (in the absence of a mark about Euro 5);
  8. Certificate of Euro 1 (not necessary if the motor is expensive, it is better to get a certificate of origin).

The procedure for customs clearance in Ukraine motorcycle purchased in Europe

Pre-it turns out the cost of customs clearance for the calculation, transfer of tax PD, registration of which is carried out before entering the territory of Ukraine. Money is transferred to the customs authorities in advance. After acquiring a vehicle, you will need to contact a customs broker, send him documentation, a receipt confirming payment of taxes. The broker draws PD, the number of which enters the customs base. Then the citizen who bought the motorcycle crosses the border, goes to the customs terminal at the place of its registration, carries out the final stage of customs clearance.

Delivery to Ukraine of a motorcycle from America

It is possible to buy in the USA, to deliver the vehicle to the territory of Ukraine by sea transport. In America, it is easier to buy used equipment at motor auctions at fairly low prices.

We will help you pick up the vehicle, quad bike, ship the ship. The customs clearance of the ATV in Ukraine is carried out by our specialists promptly, regardless of the place of registration of the client.

To consult on the purchase, delivery, customs clearance of motor vehicles, contact the specialists of the company “Odemara”.


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