Container shipping in Ukraine

Стоимость контейнерных перевозок

When transporting containers used special equipment for the delivery of goods, baggage and any other things from the sender to the recipient. And also, this method of shipping allows you to transport cargo without any loading arrangements.

The organization of container transportations “Odemara” carries out container transportations in the shortest terms and at the good prices.

To meet the needs of our customers, in order to secure container transportation, a technical assessment of the condition of cargo platforms is being made. Then, the cargo is placed in the container with the structure being compacted.

Cargo transported in forty-pound special containers for freight. All of them are made under the parameters of the ISO standard.

What is forbidden to be transported in containers?

  • Flammable loads.
  • Explosive cargo.
  • Loads containing toxic substances.
  • Chemicals that may react with metal.
  • Perishable products.
  • Products that pollute freight designs.

Only after the numbering of containers (internal and external) is the carriage of goods. And the containers must be labeled from the factory where it was made.

Features of container traffic in Ukraine

The legislation of Ukraine provides for transportation in containers that are universal and specially involved. Inside all containers, there must be documentation with signatures and seals from carriers.

Prices for container shipments can be very different. There are several main components that affect the cost of transportation. These are Freight (presence of their agents in countries), loading and port forwarding.

The main advantages of working with us

We work for each of our clients and work out for you the best options for transportation. Our advantages are:

  1. Very favorable cost of transportation of goods by containers.
  2. Large list of services.
  3. Experienced staff with years of experience.
  4. We carry out customs clearance.
  5. We unload cargo in a warehouse at the customer.
  6. Assistance in making miscalculations of the most optimal for customers options for containerized cargo and routes.
  7. We select the required type of containers.
  8. Extensive work experience.

The carriage of goods by containers is perhaps the most common and popular method of delivering goods, due to its reliability.

Turning to our company, you will no doubt be satisfied with the quality of our work. Our experienced logisticians and managers will advise you and tell you about all the advantages and advantageous delivery options. We guarantee delivery in the shortest possible time at the lowest prices. To clarify the details, call our managers at the specified numbers, or leave a request on our website and we will contact you at any time convenient for you.


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