Accreditation at customs in Ukraine

Аккредитация на таможне в Украине

Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs planning to operate not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, require accreditation at customs. It gives the right to customs clearance of goods and the conduct of foreign economic activity. It is legal to export or import goods and services only if the company has customs accreditation.

To register and receive an accreditation card, you need to contact the customs authorities. After registration, you can operate at the international level absolutely legally.

Preparing and issuing accreditation is a procedure that requires a professional approach. In order not to have problems, it is important to enlist the support of an experienced broker. You can use the services of our company’s experts to help you prepare the necessary documents and quickly get an accreditation card.

What you need to know about accreditation?

Every business manager or private entrepreneur should understand that the absence of an accreditation card is the reason for refusing to clear goods at customs. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to issue accreditation in advance at customs in Kiev, Odessa or other citiy of Ukraine.

Obtaining a customs accreditation card is a one-time procedure. It must be held only once, and there is no registration fee.

What documents are required?

Legal entities or individual entrepreneurs can register at customs on their own. But it will take a lot of time, so it is better to turn to a professional broker who is familiar with all the intricacies of this procedure. The following documents are required to obtain an accreditation card:

  • A copy of the company’s charter or an extract from it. It is important that the statutory documentation state the right to conduct foreign economic activities.
  • Two completed copies of the organization’s accounting card. This document also needs to be provided electronically.
  • A certificate confirming the introduction of an organization planning to conduct foreign economic activity into the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. You can get this document in the bodies of State Statistics.
  • If the company is a VAT payer, a corresponding certificate must be submitted to the customs authority.
  • Copies of passports of the general director of the organization, as well as other employees who will interact with customs. Copies should include not only the main pages, but also the location of the residence.
  • Documents from the bank confirming the existence of an account opened by an individual entrepreneur or organization. It is allowed to provide an account in euros, dollars or hryvnias.

If the customs broker will deal with registration of accreditation, then the listed document must be transferred to him.

Possible reasons for denial of accreditation

There are cases when the customs authorities refuse accreditation to an organization or person conducting business. This is possible if an incomplete package of documents is provided or they contain inaccurate information. The head of the company is responsible for the relevance of the information in the registration card. The customs authorities should be notified of changes in the organization within ten days so that the updated data is timely entered into the card.

If you need accreditation at customs in Odessa or other cities of Ukraine, please contact the freight forwarding company “Odemara”. A professional broker will help you get it without delays and problems.


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