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«ODEMARA» - leading transport & forwarding company at Ukraine

“ODEMARA” is a transport and forwarding company, which was created in 1992, and, thus, having 25 years of successful business experience within the international transport and logistics services market.

ODEMARA” provides a full range of services, there are:

  1. Cargo transshipment organization;
  2. Shipping agency;
  3. Cargo forwarding;
  4. Chartering of the vessels;
  5. Customs broker;
  6. Crewing services;
  7. Marine container transportation;
  8. Delivery from China;
  9. Car customs clearance;
  10. Cargo insurance.

Cargo transshipment organization

 “ODEMARA” company provides services of handling grain, oil cargo and oil in ports of Odessa, Yuzhny and Chornomorsk, in containers and shipload. We offer you a full range of cargo handling in the export or transit, as well as the storage of grain, oil cargo and oils.

Shipping agency

 Initial activity of company “ODEMARA” was ship’s agency and we still hold our leadership in this field. We provide high-quality ship agency service for cargo and passenger ships in the ports of Odessa, Yuzhny, Chornomorsk and Mykolaiv. The range of agency services includes calculation of preliminary disbursement, completing all formalities and requirements needed for ships arrival, assistance in organizing charter operations, crew change, protecting of shipowner or charterer interests, registration of necessary documents and etc.

Cargo forwarding

Transport-forwarding  company  «Odemara» transport forwarding of any type of cargo. We offer next services in the context forwarding of cargos: option of optimal transport and route of cargo delivery, registration of all necessary documents for delivering, supervision of completing of storage services, requirement of storage, transport conditionals as well as solving any questions emerging during transporting.

Chartering of the vessels

 Chartering department of “ODEMARA” can help you to fix the vessel for the carriage of your cargo. In our staff we have experienced chartering brokers with a wide range of knowledge of the business and a lot of contacts in the international freight market, which permit us to execute requested task in the best way and achieve goal desired by the client.

Crewing services

Through many years of successful business, «ODEMARA» acquired wide list of shipowners and accumulated huge database of experienced and qualified seafarers of different nationalities. We offer our crewing services on a profitable for you terms.

Customs broker

 It is very hard to figure out in the array of regularly updating bases of  legal instruments in the context of customs legislation of Ukraine. Therefore customs brokers of “ODEMARA”  company are ready to provide you services, which protect your interests in customs and formalities required to services declarations of export, import in Ukraine.

Marine container shipment

 Transport of cargo in containers by sea is the most reasonable way of transport. Transport-forwarding  company  “ODEMARA”  operate international marine container transport of cargo. We  present to you hereunder  a wide range of services, including highly demanded schemes of cargo transport be sea today, as well as the full range accompanying services, including legal support, registration of all necessary documents and  broker of customs clearance of cargo services.

Delivery from China

 Delivery from China is the most actual service today, which is in high demand. Transport-forwarding  company  ODEMARA” deliver goods and cargo from China. Cargo and goods are delivered by sea transport from 36 ports into the port of Odessa and then delivered across Ukraine- Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Lvov and other cities.

Car’s delivery and customs clearance

 A lot of people are interested in the question of car purchase abroad, which raise many questions.

Cargo insurance

«ODEMARA» renders wide range of services in the field of cargo transportation including cargo insurance for international trasnportation. For many years we work with different routes and types of cargo transportation. We will supervise execution of all obligations of insurance company, such as compensation for damage in the event of force majeure circumstances.


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